Uneasy~Chapter nineteen

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I walked into school and tugged at my clothes. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but something felt wrong. My stomach bubbled nervously as my palms started to sweat. I ignored the nagging feeling of regret that glided along my shivering body.

“Alli!” Sam ran up to my with a fake smile plastered on her perfect face.

“Hi, Sam.” I gave her a small smile.

“We should hang out soon! You, me, and Hunter! Or you and Hunter could hang out and not tell me about it!” Her voice twisted into anger as she finished talking.

“Sam…” I bit my lip unsure of what I should have said.

“And don’t give me a bullshit apology either! You knew I liked him, but you kissed him anyway.”

“I didn’t mean to, Sam. I really didn’t.”

“Well you seemed pretty damn into it, Allison! And here, have this picture to remember it by!” She pulled out a crumpled up picture of Hunter and I kissing, and she threw it at me with much force just before running away.

            I carefully smoothed out the picture, and I suddenly realized why she wouldn’t let me say anything to her. On the back of the picture there was a little note neatly scribbled on the back with black pen.

The note read:

To Sam,

He is a GREAT kisser ;)


            I quickly took off after Sam. By the time I caught up to her tears were carefully running down her face. There was a small line of black streaked down her cheeks. She hurriedly wiped her eyes—which only made it look worse. She crossed her skinny arms and glared at me. Through the hatred that shined in her blue eyes, there was a tinge of sadness.

“I didn’t give you the picture. I didn’t write that. I didn’t even want you to know; I wasn’t going to tell you about it.”

“Oh, because that just makes it so much better.” She spat out with sarcasm hanging in every word.

“I’m sorry, Sam! I didn’t know what I was doing, but it’s not like I can take anything back. What’s done is done, and I’m sorry.”

“Well, if you didn’t give it to me, then who was it?”

“I honestly don’t know…it’s not even my handwriting!” I said when I looked at the picture once more.

            She pulled the picture out of my hand and scanned it. She took my bag and went through it to find my notebook. On any other day I wouldn’t have let her, but I just didn’t want her to be mad at me. She compared the handwriting, and after a while she spoke again.

“Yeah, your handwriting is bubbly, and that isn’t…but how do I know you didn’t just change your handwriting so you could trick me into thinking it wasn’t you?”

“Sam, just forgive me already.”

            We both laughed, and she pulled me into a hug. Sam began to hold me tighter, and I felt an abrupt pain in my back. I pulled her away from me.

“Ow, did you stab me?” I asked in disbelief.

“With my pen.” She smiled proudly and held up her blue pen.

“Well why would you do that?” I reached my hand back and rubbed the small wound.

“You stabbed me in the back, so I stabbed you in the back.”

“But I didn’t actually stab you!”

“Oh gosh, are you bleeding?” She asked noticing the pained expression I kept on my face.

“No, it just hurts a lot.” I grumbled.

“So does my heart; you’ll get over it.” She giggled to herself.

“You’re so mean.” I joked.

“I didn’t even do it that hard…I just poked you with the pen.”

“You are crazy. I wonder what you would do if I did something really bad.”

“It would be a knife rather than a pen.” She winked at me just before skipping away.

            A chill ran through my body as her sentence lingered in my mind.

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