Chap 10 P.1

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Kylie's P.O.V

I woke up to Nash shaking saying it was time to get ready for school.

"Hey Nash" "Yeah Ky" he asked looking at me. "What's the plan for today? Like do we pretend you don't like me anymore to catch Malia in action?" I said. "Yeah, but we have to tell Hayes the plan. Okay? Now go get ready." I nodded and hugged him, then left to get ready.

I quickly has a shower, brushed my teeth, put my hair in a messy bun and got dressed.

- Black leggings.
- Red long sleeved shirt.
- Will's football jumper.
- White vans.

Once I was finished getting ready, I ran downstairs and said "Not hungry" to Nash who was making breakfast. "Yes you are. Eat for me pleaseee?" He whined the 'please'. "Fine, but only cause you said please." I smirked.

"Ha ha, very funny. Now eat! Will and Hayes should be down soon." I nodded and ate all my bacon and 1 1/2 out of 3 pancakes on my plate. "Is this enough?" I asked. He nodded just as Will came downstairs with Hayes right behind him.

I jumped on Hayes "Mornin bubba." "Hey munchkin. How'd you and Nash sleep?" I jumped out of Hayes' arms "Good, I think I woke up a couple of times because of nightmares, but I had Nash with me." I explained as I jumped on Will "Morning bigbear." "Morning babygirl. What you all happy 'bout?" He asked.

"1. I got my Nashy back. 2. Nash and I have a plan." I said. "And what might that be?" Hayes questioned. "Nash can explain in the car. Now we need to go." I said, everyone nodded.

****Skip Car Ride****

Once we got to school. Hayes knew about the plan and had already transferred into all my classes and next to my locker.

"Bye Hayes. Kylie." Nash sneered and winked as part of the plan. "Let's do this." Hayes said as he put his arm around my shoulder, I put mine around his waist and rested my head on his chest as we walked into school together.

We were walking to our lockers and people were staring, but whispering positive and negative things about us together. Some positives being "Awe sibling goals." "Why can't my brother be like that?" And "Cutest twins" the negative ones being "ew why do they still like that slut" "she doesn't deserve to be in their family" and "she should just kill herself, everyone would be happy." The last one brought tears to my eyes.

Then Hayes said "EVERYONE SAYING NEGATIVE AND RUDE THINGS ABOUT MY TWIN. SHUT THE HELL UP! GOT IT?" No one answered. "I SAID GOT IT!" Everyone frantically nodded there heads.

"Thanks Bubba" I whispered. "You're welcome munchkin. Now let's go to first hour." He kissed your forehead and you were off.

***Skip To Lunch***

It was now lunch and all today I have only been called rude names and shoved every now and then by the populars, but nothing from Malia, which means she is planning something.

I told Hayes to go get Nash, because Malia was coming this way with two cheerleaders and six jocks, while Hayes and I were outside.

"Hayes go get Nash, Malia and some others are coming." He hesitantly nodded but quickly ran to the cafeteria.

Malia, her friends/followers and the jocks were all surrounding me so I had no way out. Hurry up Hayes I thought. I knew he would be able to feel my dear because of the twin bond.

Next thing I know I'm being held down by 2/6 jocks, while the rest of the group are about to hit me, until I see Hayes and Nash with 4 other people. 2 of which are Cam and Will and the other 2 being Nash's friends Jay and Ben.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by extreme pain to my ribs. I screamed and cried out in pain. Since mine and Hayes' bond had increased he fell to the ground crying out in pain whilst holding his ribs. Ben sat on the ground and pulled Hayes to him, rocking him back and forth.

The jocks were finally pulled off me by cops who I didn't even realise came. Will rushed to my aid, gently grabbed my head and put it onto his lap. It wasn't till now I realised the whole school and some other people were here watching.

"Bubba, HAYES, I NEED HAYES. PLEASE, PLEASE. Hayes." "KY" Hayes screamed. Next thing I know I'm being cradled into my twins chest.

I could feel my eyes becoming heavier and my breathing became ragged. "NO, NO, NO, don't close your eyes baby, everything's fine, your fine. HELP SOMEONE. I'M LOSING HER!" Hayes shouted.

I used the last of my strength and put my hand his face, wiped away his tears with my thumb, weakly smiled and croaked out "I love you bubba, forever and always." With that my hand slowly dropped and my eyes closed. Before I blacked out I heard Hayes whisper "I love your too, forever and always." But once realisation hit him he screamed out "NO" next I found myself being lifted up, onto something. That's when the darkness swallowed me.


~ Trinity xoxo

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