Chapter 4 Family Secrets

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Birdseeds. NOW.

I flinched. "Okay, okay," I said, standing up and laying my container of half eaten pasta on the couch. "Wait here while I get them. But you better stay out of my pasta!"

I didn't want your stupid food anyway...

He grumbled.

"Cry birdie," I muttered.

   Before I could catch his reply, I dashed my way over to the stairs and lightly made my way up. I didn't want to be too loud, in case my parents were sleeping. As I passed their door, something caught my attention.

   "...I don't think Angela is ready." Mom.

   "But she's fifteen. At that age she—"

   "Can be very emotional and might take things the wrong way."

   I heard sighing from the end of the door. "Haley, honey, she's bound to ask about it someday. I think it would be best if we told her first, before she—"

   "But, Drew!" I heard her cry out silently. "I don't think I'm ready. I need more time!" I heard faint sniffles, from my mother, I'm guessing. "W-What if she leaves? I...I can't lose her too!"

   I listened as my father tried to comfort mom. I leaned away from the door and went upstairs to get Jay's birdseeds. When I passed by their door again on my way downstairs, they didn't seem to be talking anymore.

What the heck was that about?

My thoughts inquired.

I gave Jay his seeds and continued to eat the rest of the pasta. As much as I tried to forget about what my parents were discussing, it kept creeping back. It was just so mysterious. Should I—?


Jay loudly chirped, roughly pecking at my thigh.

I jumped and turned to Jay. "Y-Yeah?"

Jay blinked.

Are you all right? You've been staring at the TV for 5 minutes. And it's off.

I looked over my shoulder. He was right. I swallowed anxiously. "Oh. Um, no. Nothing's wrong. I just got a lot on my mind."

Jay snorted.

Okay. Fine. Don't tell me.

Jay flew to the nearest window and sat down, his back to me. As cute as that scene looked, I frowned.


No response.

"Please talk."


"I'll give you extra birdseeds?"

Dang. Not even a flinch!

I sighed. "I'll let you meet the neighbor's bird, Prisila."

He turned around.

BINGO! Finally got him.

He flew back to the couch and head-butted my lower thigh.

Aw. I knew I could get you. But can you make that happen soon? I heard that the neighbors are getting another bird.

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