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Lily winters
Age: 21
Body type: Bigger girl she is as big as you want to imagine
Hair: long black hair or what you want to imagine
Height: 5'2 or how tall you imagine
Eye color : Hazel or what you want to imagine
Race: how ever you want to imagine
Hobbies : reading, being unnoticed, volunteering at homeless shelters an dog shelters, spending time with her mother at the hospital, cooking home cooked meals
Nicknames : she doesn't have any yet

Sam Lupo
Age 28
Body type : fit but not Over the top
Eye color: deep chocolate color
Height: 6'4
hair color : pitch black
Race: Caucasian
ethnicity: Italian
Hobbies: making love to his lover , football
"UK football not American" working with his best friend an lover, making wine when he's home in Italy
Nickname Sammy, si

Nicholas Costa
Age : 28
Body type : fit but not over the top
Eye color : blue
Height: 6'5
Hair color: blonde
Race: caucasian
ethnicity Greek.
Hobbies: making love to his lover, anything with sports , loves to cook, loves animals has two big dogs ,
Nickname: Nicki, Nic, nickkick

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