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Two centuries ago, the Seraph Program almost crippled the world and turned North America into a barren wasteland. The failure of the world's heroes led to the loss of millions of lives, but the survived built seven nations from the ashes of their ancestors and joined the advancing world once again.

The old world was gone, and far from the ordinary when the existence of a new kind of human evolution becomes Earth's new reality. This story is about the secret agencies with a penchant for recruiting these people with special abilities, and the vigilantes and modest enough to protect them and fight a war waged, in secret from an easily panicked world.

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All Rights Reserved | 7 E V E N - PARAGON/2019 |The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this work of literature are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living, deceased, or cursed), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred, and is purely coincidental.

(Excerpt from Chapter Five | The Detective)

There was a buzz in the media of a supposed terrorist attack on the NCDF, and the inhabitants fell gravely ill with worry.
The rise of terrorist activity had gone to dangerous heights, leaving all Vigilantes with work to do, and more criminals to stop. A demand for the New City Defense Force's stronger grip on crime, just as high as the rate of disaster unfolding.


The world had conformed, adapted. Got lazy in their efforts, yet they used the fruits of their labor in many forms.
Law enforcement androids we're dispatched, and cityscapes kiss the clouds in the skies like the New City Vanguard, and its brother and sister corporations. Every form, every mechanism working as one, automated, and tracked by New City's Central Control.

"They built the city in the center of the first crater, a true, modern curiosity with an allure harmonized by the backdrop of the monumental Columbia River waterfall."


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