She is so beautiful, the way her beautiful chocolate brown curls cascade down her shoulders. The way her electrical blue eyes all the time. I love it that whenever I see her my face lit up into a smile. Her plump lips are so pink and kissable. I love her; I doubt she feels the same. I am just a poor teen, while she is the daughter of the richest man in the town.

I sat there in class doodling on my notebook. I was thinking of a way to make her notice me. Really deep in thought I didn't notice I was asked a question by the teacher.

"Mr. Horan, are you paying attention?" the teacher exclaimed.

"Uh what? Ohh sorry!" I replied.

"Pay attention next time," the teacher said.

I nodded and paid attention.

Aislinn's POV

I sat in my English class, way in the back. That where I usually sit. You might think and being rich would make me popular, but no. People in this school judged me as soon as I set foot in the school. They think that I am just some stuck up rich girl, but no. I would do anything just to have an average income family.

I hate being judged. I get bullied in school and also cyberbulllied. It gets me alot. The main people who do bully be are the sluts of the school. I think they are just jealous. I got snapped out of my thoughts as the bell rang, signalling for class to start. I sighed and a looked at the teacher.

The class was discussing about How to kill a mockingbird. We were given a part to read and on the next day someone from the class will have to summarize the part we read. My thoughts kept wandering off. I got snapped out when the teacher exclaimed something to a student.

"Mr. Horan, are you paying attention?" the teacher snapped.

"Uh what? Ohh sorry," Mr Horan said.

I looked at the student. He was 2 seats in front of me, so I could only see his back and his dirty blonde hair.

"Pay attention next time," the teacher said.

Horan. Horan. Horan. Hmmm. Where did I hear the name before? Oh! Niall Horan! I used to have a little crush on him before, but not anymore. Not after what he became.

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