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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~12 year's earlier~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Daddy was mad again I know becuase mommy told me to go and hide again. I hid in the closet daddy never look's in the closet. I don't know why he just never does. Suddenly I hear a crashing sound downstair's followed by scream's and shouting that was daddy saying something like " Shut up and tell me where she is," The scream's stop and I hear mommy say " Your'e sick you know that" followed by a sarcastic laugh.

I looked down at my hand's where mommy had handed me a note and said "Do not come out or read this until daddy leave's okay" I had started to protest but she put a finger onto my lip and said "Don't fight with me Clair," I didn't. I had only learned how to read last year.

I heard silence downstaire's. daddy's gone. I open the door to the closet and go downstair's but mommy isn't where she is supposed to be she's not in the kitchen with her head in her hand's like she usually is." Mom," I call out softly. No answer. "Mom," I call out a little louder still no answer. "Mom" I shout gettinng frantic I look in the garage and was about to leave when I saw something. Red. I walked toward's it. "Mom" I say looking down. It was her my mom her body was practicly red from her blood. Her throat was slit and she had purple bruises on her cheek's. She was dead. I looked down at the note. It said

Clair, I love you so much and right now I'm in heaven looking down at you. I'm so proud to call you my daughter. You will grow up to be a beautiful young woman. Daddy is a very mean man now I need you to quikly find a phone and call this number 9-1-1. Tell them there is an emergancy and you need the police and an ambulance, Tell them to come to this adress 1476 E Rose street 8th avenue. Go. Finish reading this when you are done. I followed her instruction's 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~20 minute's later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'~~~~~~~~~~~ I started to read the rest of the note it said

I want you to know I love you so much. I want you to tell the men to take you to Hope and Health Orphanage in Huntsville,Canada. I have a friend there named Stephanie tell her not to adopt you becuase you deserve a new life okay.

I will alway's watch over you, mom. 

That's when reality hit me. Mommy is dead I will never see her again I have to move away from my home in Seattle to Canada.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5 year's later!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I picked up the box of Red hair dye. I didn't want attention just a new start

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Present Day 7 years later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I  am seventeen year's old I am Emo my hair is a cotton cand blue while i had gotten grey contact's to cover up my baby blue eyes. "Clair time to get ready for school" It's going to be a long day.

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