4 |How Could You Be So Heartless?|

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It won't be a lot of different POV's in this story but in few chapters you will read the minds of different characters such as Hailee.

Hailee's POV

Peering over the third floor of my castle I watched as the girl literally ran out of Hunters office like a track star. But she was crying.

I knew something was up. I knew there was a reason why My brother kept her here and I couldn't believe it. She and Hunter were mates.

I quickly made my way to his office and didn't bother knocking even though I knew it would piss him off.

"You could show at least a little respect by knocking." Hunters deep voice echoed with annoyance as I walked in.

"That girl is your mate isn't she?" I accused.

Hunters green eyes that were just like mine snapped to me. "Shut your fucking mouth." He sneered. He hated hearing that word but his reaction only confirmed what I already knew.

She was his mate.

"I'm not gonna shut my mouth." I yelled back. "You made her cry do you know that? She ran out of here fucking crying I saw her!" I yelled while leaning over his desk. He didn't say a word. He just looked at me. I knew why my brother was like this, we were the same, except what happened in our past effected him differently then it did to me.

"There's nothing I can do and you know it." Hunter stated plainly while sitting in his chair. "I'll let her stay for a few days for punishment and then I'll let her leave."

He paused for a moment and looked up at me.

"Im not talking about this with you,
You know what my fucking deal is Hailee NOW GO!"

I shook my head at him and walked out. I decided I had to calm myself and go talk to his Mate. I couldn't imagine what she was feeling right now. I knew she was scared and Beyond hurt because I knew he was treating her like crap.

When I got to the second  floor I could already hear her cries from the hallway. That little maid girl from down the hall Ashley heard it too and was staring at me from her room and I wanted to punch her for being nosey.

"Get back in your room or go clean something maid!" I snapped and she quickly disappeared back into her room. I then noticed that I no longer heard the crying.

I put my ear up to her door and knocked. A few seconds later she came to the door and opened it slightly. Her eyes were extremely red.

"Yes Hailee?" She whispered. I felt like I wanted to hate my brother when I looked at her. She looked so sad and hurt.

"Well, I would like to know your name for starters." I gave her a small smile and she gave me a confused look. "Anna." She whispered again. She was probably surprised because I was being nice. Our last encounter wasn't so good considering I didn't know she was my brothers mate, but now that changed everything.

"Okay Anna can I come in and talk to you? I really need to tell you something." I smiled again and she looked even more confused.
"It's about my brother."

She walked away from the door leaving it open for me so I took that as a invite inside. I watched as she slowly sat on the bed and crossed her legs. Besides the little sunlight peeking in it was dim in here. She was so much like my brother and I that i know it was fate that she was his mate.

I started by sitting at the end of her bed. Her bright blue eyes were just so broken that I could barely look at them. Her blond hair matched perfectly with her eyes and her pretty face. I knew my brother had to at least realize she was easily very beautiful.

"My brother is pretty fucked up." I began.

"Very fucked up." Anna whispered and I chuckled. Talking to her wouldn't be hard at all.

"I thought I'd come in here and tell you a little bit about Hunter and mines life. The way we grew up and why we are the way we are." 

Anna's eyes slowly found mine as another tear slipped down her face. "The way he grew up shouldn't be the reason for him to hit me."

"He hit you?" My eyes widened as I sat up. She nodded and cried harder. I sat next to her and began rubbing her back. "He won't get away with it." I assured her and tried my best to sooth her.
She didn't deserve this.

"Me and Hunter." I continued. "We were raised by our uncle. Our fathers brother. Now don't get me wrong, our father was a Evil son of a bitch who taught us nothing but to hunt and kill. That's why Hunter has his name. But after our uncle killed our father he was left to raise us. Instead of only teaching us to hunt and kill, he beat on us. He tortured us, beat us with bed posts, stabbed us in our skin with knives and forks, burned us with irons and branded us over and over with irons. Ever Since we were children we've been taught to feel nothing but anger, havoc and pain. We've been groomed to hunt and kill. Groomed to have no feelings at all.
Anna we watched our uncle kill both of our parents." I whispered.

Anna just stared at me in shock. I knew the little stories she heard about our family was no comparison to what really happened.

"Luckily we are still sane. Well at least I am. A little. Hunter is, well he's beyond repair." I stared straight ahead thinking about my brother.
"He is angry all the time and never talks. He always secludes himself, if where not out fighting then he's alone somewhere in the castle."

Anna stayed quiet and Listened to my every word. I knew this was new information she was taking in and I knew it was a lot.
"Where is your uncle now?" She looked at me and asked. I could see the anger behind those blue eyes. She hated our uncle just as much as we did.

"We murdered him." I smiled. "Chopped his body limb from limb and then burned him to death when we were younger. We keep his ashes in the basement for decoration. And for assurance." I added.

"Assurance?" Anna questioned. "But you burned him to death you know he's dead." She stated.

"Hunter and I have nightmares." I looked directly at Anna. "Sometimes we have these vivid dreams that seem so real. We would wake up sometimes at the same time of the night and meet each other in the basement. We would stare at his ashes for hours just to let our brain and conscious know that he's actually dead. That He's gone, that they all are."

Anna shook her head now understanding everything. I knew it was a lot.

"I just don't know what to do." She put her face in her hands and sighed.

"You don't know what to do about what?"

She looked at me with the pain still in her eyes. "Hunter." She whispered.

I sighed because I knew dealing with my brother wouldn't be a walk in the park, it actually wouldn't be a walk anywhere it would be like hoping for something that you knew you would never ever really get.

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