Pack Gathering

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“I am so curious to meet your new mate Seth. It’s great we finally will have a Luna.” Mrs. Flatts, Connie’s mother, said as she passed him and Tyler. “Where is she?”

“She should be down soon. My sister and Connie are playing dress up with her.” Everyone chuckled as Mrs. Flatts left to find her husband. Everyone was in their large dining room, chatting about the new girl that is Seth’s mate. Not much detail was given out other than she has not been around other werewolves and so may act a bit strange. That confused everyone but since she was going to be the future Luna people could not really bad mouth her. Tim was unsure about introducing Mud so soon while Catrina was ecstatic. She’s been talking with all the older women of what a charming girl she was.

Seth was nervous. He always seen how his sister came down looking her best and knows she was going to make Mud look her best. Seth already liked how Mud looked but if his sister got a hold of her, who knew what would happen. “Hey stop sweating. It can’t be that..woah.” Tyler stopped, staring at the stairs.

“What is it?” Seth turned his direction and eyes went wide. Selena and Connie came down with Mud in the middle, holding the two so she did not fall down the strange steps. It was worse than Seth had imagined. Mud wore a long blue dress with one strap, giving Seth a view of her bare shoulder. It made his wolf groan. He also saw that Selena had put blue eyes shadow on her, going perfect with her eyes. When they reached the stairs Connie went straight to Tyler, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Curious, Mud walked up to Seth and kissed his cheek. His skin was hot. Seth was shocked by this but at the same time felt very happy. He chuckled when he then saw Mud look at Connie, as if seeing if she did it right. “You look beautiful.”

Mud smiled and bounced back next to Selena. “Selena did it. She used something called make up and put the strange blue stuff on my eyes.”

“Of course I had to pretty her up for you bro.” Selena said, blinking her eyes and trying to look as innocent as possible. Seth narrowed his eyes and was ready to say something when their mom interrupted. “Oh Mud there you are. Seth start introducing her to everyone.” Seth nodded and held his hand out to Mud. Mud stared at it before taking it.

Seth dragged her to a part of the dining table as Catrina got everyone to sit down. “Everyone I would like you all to meet my mate Mud. To get everyone up to speed Mud was found on the island bought by my family. She has no memories of her own pack and so everything here is new to Mud. I want you all to make her feel welcomed in any way possible.” As Seth spoke his voice became a warning. If he heard anything bad about Mud from anyone they would be punished severely. He did threaten his own father.

Everyone chorused a welcome as Mud waved. Seth then helped her in her chair and sat on her left at the head of the table. Selena was on her right. Across were Tim, Catrina, and Daniel. Connie and Tyler were farther down. Soon everyone was chatting, eating the pork chops that the women cooked. Selena helped Mud use a knife to cut them since she tried copying Seth but was cutting with the wrong side. When everyone was finished eating they went into the ballroom so Mud could properly meet the pack. The living room was too small to fit the whole pack.

Mud was finding it hard to remember everyone’s name but she enjoyed their company. The older women she met commented on her appearance a lot, especially her eyes, and the children wanted to play with her. The men she met would ask how she survived for so long on the island. Mud then went into her whole story with Roger, promising to introduce him when he is healed. While Mud was talking to a little girl named Nala Seth was speaking with his dad. “You know Gracie comes back tomorrow. How will you explain this to her?”

Seth shrugged. “Just tell her that no marriage is going to happen. It is simple dad.”

“But you and Mud are not mated yet. Until then if the choice is best for the pack you can still mate with her.”

Seth glared. How dare his father even suggest the possibility of being able to mate another? “Remember what I have said dad.” With that he turned back to Mud.

“I haven’t changed into a wolf yet. I have to wait until I’m 16 years old.” Seth heard Nala tell Mud.

“How old are you now?”

“I’ll be 8 next month.” The girl smiled, showing a gap in her teeth that Mud was curious about. “Why next month?”

“Because it’s my birthday.”

“Birthday?” Nala nodded, remembering the Alpha saying something about Mud not knowing some things. Even if she was seven most werewolf kids were very smart. “It’s when you celebrate the day you were born. Do you know when your birthday is?”

Mud shook her head. How could she not even know when she was born? Nala frowned, as did Seth. Just another thing Mud needed to know. “Then your birthday can be mine.” “Really?” Nala nodded when she heard her caretaker call from behind. “Bye bye Mud.” With that the little girl ran off.

Mud watched as she grabbed the hand of the elder woman. “Is that her mom?”

Seth shook his head. “Nala’s father died in battle and her mother is off searching for some mystery to her family.” Mud frowned, staring at Nala. “What could be more important than her own daughter?” Seth heard Mud whisper as she frowned. Seth wrapped his arms around her, not liking the fact she was sad but also could not blame her. He knew that she was thinking about her past.

And Mud was. She wondered who she was. Where her family was. Why was she left on the island? “Well you see Nala’s family came from another pack long ago. There was a war and so they ran away. Nala’s mother still believes the family she left behind is still alive.”

“Why does she believe that?”

“Because her sister’s ring was found in a bar somewhere in London.” Even Seth could not understand that family situation but it was sad for everyone. He was only six but he could remember their frightened faces. They never told who their old pack was because they were bounded by Alpha secrecy.

“Can I play with her tomorrow?” Mud asked, wanting to see the girl again.

Seth smiled and kissed her forehead. “Of course you can. Now come on you still have not met everyone.” With that Seth dragged her off.

When the night was over Mud went to see Roger, bringing him some pork chops. “This stuff is so good.” Roger moaned as he devoured the piece.

Mud chuckled, “It is good. I think the stuff here is better than lion or fox.” When Roger was done she picked up the plate. “You look very nice Mud. I could hardly tell it was you.”

“Selena did it. She used something called makeup.”

“And how are you fitting in?”

“Seth says I’m doing good. There’s still a lot I don’t know but I think I can get the hang of it. Plus there’s a little girl who does not have her family like me and I’m going to hang out with her tomorrow.”

“That’s great Mud. I’m very proud.”

She smiled and patted his head. “It’s only the second day I’ve been here. Besides, Seth says now that I am his mate I am going to be the future Luna of this pack. They want me to be a leader but I don’t know if I can. I don’t even know who I am.”

“Well in that case learn about being a Luna. Speak to Catrina about it.” Roger suggested, trying to help Mud.

“Hm, you’re right Roger. Catrina can help me so I can be a good Luna.” Mud kissed Roger on the head and left. Seth was not waiting outside since he was called away for business but Mud remembered how to get her room. She was thinking of her being Luna, of Nala, and of her family, when she bumped into someone. “Oh, sorry.” She said, turning to the person she bumped before gasping.

It was a girl with blonde wavy hair and grayish blue eyes. Mud thought she was incredible pretty. “Watch where you’re going.” She snarls and walks the opposite of direction.

Mud watched her leave, wondering who she was.

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