Son of Artemis <Percy Jackson fanfic>

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Son of Artemis

(I got most of the info from camphalf-blood Wiki since I only watch both movie and still saving money to buy the book)

*what if Artemis broke her oath,secretly and had a son but the father was no ordinary human,he was a demi-titan*

*when 7 years old Alexander or mostly known as Kratos returned home to find his father in the brink of death. he almost had the same fate before Hera took pity for the boy and saved him and made him the Champion of the Queen*

now eleven years later Kratos had become the Assassin for Hera,killing off people who are a threat to the Olympians but what happened when he is forced to reveal his identity and go to camp half-blood and fall for a certain daughter of Athena

Annebeth X OC


Aphrodite X OC

LEMONS!(but occasionally)


"Daddy!" the little kid scream before sobbing profusely,digging his head into the shoulder of a corpse,its eyes bloodshot and it cold hand clutching a wound that killed it. a creature was standing before the two and a smirk can be seen on his face,its hand which had dagger like fingers,its face was a mixture of an Eagle,Human and Tiger and feet that have talons. "time to die Son of Freddie,grandson of the titan, Hyperion and also the son of Artemis...." it said in a deep voice before it could strike the helpless boy, a soothing,benevolent voice told him "Close your eyes child" he complied. He had the urge to open his eyes but did not. After what seems like forever that was actually a few second he heard the same kind voice "Open your eyes again" he saw a woman who had a divine aura, she had long, chocolate brown hair woven into a braid with gold ribbons and wore a simple white dress that ripples like oil on water as she move towards me She had brown eyes and she was tall, graceful, very beautifull. "w-who ar-are y-you? p-p-p-p-please d-don't hurt me" the Frighten kid stammered the woman gracefully step forward and caress the boys cheek "my name is Hera, I am your aunt and grandmother" the kid looked at the goddess with a look of confusion "aunt? and grandmother how is that possible?" Hera smiled sweetly and said "all will be reveal in the future, now do you want to be my Champion?" the kid's eyes lit up "do you mean like in video games?" she smiled yet again and nodded and inquired "what is your name child?"

the kid smirk and said

"my real name is Alexander Miller but call me Kratos cause I like that name,my dad gave me that nickname" the kid felt a tear trickled down his cheek as he stole a glance of his dead father

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