Chapter 6

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Cece's P.O.V.

Part 2

Class went by fast, the teacher gave us so much homework that could last a lifetime, most things I don't even remember learning so I have no clue how i'm getting it done tonight. Also he gave us back the test we took last week. Guess what I received? 100? 80? 75? No I recieved a big red 25% on the top corner of my paper with a see me after class sticky note on it.

When the bell rang I waited for everyone to leave so I could talk to the teacher.

"Yes, Ms. Dallas" The teacher asked without looking up

"You left me a note saying you needed to talk to me" I said as if it wasn't obvious

"Oh yeah, you're failing as it's obvious and we need to get you a tutor before it's later in the year and you fail and you repeat the grade." He said

"Yeah I know, do you know who's going to be my tutor already" I asked

"Not yet, I talked to the principle and she said that she'll let me know by the beginning of next week or end. So i'll let you know when I know. All I know is that he's the school's top student and he has all AP classes including Math so you'll be getting the best student help in this school, he is great and I bet you'll get along with him just fine." He praised the guy that is supposed to be my future tutor till the end of the year. This should be awesome.

Note the sarcasm. I seriously hate math as much as I hate Jace Dawson.

I was making my way down the hallways to my locker when I bumped into someone or someone bumped into me, not really sure.

"Hey loser" That well known voice said

"What do you want rat" I said

"Nothing really" He said smirking I then pushed passed him getting away from his face before I did something I regret

"Hey Ce" Chace said from beside my locker

"Hey" I said

"What's wrong?" He asked

"Besides the fact that I need a damn tutor? Jace, Jace is my problem he's everywhere I turn." I said slamming my locker shut

"Math? and ignore him, you'll be getting rid of him soon, right after high school" he said throwing his arm around my shoulder while we walked to lunch

"Yes math I received the test we took last week and I got a 25% A 25% Chace, i'll be lucky if I actually pass this year." I said annoyed

"You'll pass I promise, if you don't graduate I won't graduate, what will I do if you're not by my side in college? Who will I share my apartment with? Who will I have to take away my sexual needs" he said while laughing which earned him a slap

"Not funny Chace, this is serious" I said

"I am serious if you don't graduate I won't either I can't leave this school and leave one of the most important person behind alone in this hell" He said


"You're welcome Ce. Now why are we going into the lunchroom I thought we were eating outside?" He questioned

"I need a soda and they're selling ice cream" I said taking out money from my wallet

"It's fine I got it" He said as he stuffed my money back into my wallet

"Are you sure Chace, you sure you won't need it?" I asked

"I'm sure" He said as he ordered what I wanted

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