Chapter 5

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Cece's P.O.V.

Part 1

"Can you get out from in front of my locker" I told Jace after saying bye to Chace when the bell rang.

"Make me" he said with his stupid little signature smirk that makes every girl in this school want to jump his bones. (Not in a bad way but more in a horny way, if you can call that good, maybe to him because he's a perverted ass)

"Just get out" I said now annoyed

"Where's your little dog" My twin said only making me more mad than what I already was with Jace

"No" Jace said making me push him out of my locker tripping and falling over Tanner

"What the fuck Ce" he snapped at me making me roll my eyes

"Don't call me that, you lost all the privilege to call me that along time ago" I said opening my locker which Jace slammed shut. By now the hallways were completely cleared so it was only my annoying overprotective brother and his annoying of a friend and I.

"I can call you whatever I want" He said folding his arms against his chest

"Just get out Dawson" I said using his last name telling him i'm being serious and not in the mood for his little childish games.

"No, not until you agree to stop being friends with Chace" Tanner said standing in front of my locker with Jace

"Wow so much for protecting me from asshoes." I said walking away now, but Tanner grabbed my arm before I could leave a little too harsh

"I am, I'm protecting you from getting hurt again Cece can't you see Chace isn't good for you?" Tanner said. How dare he use my ex boyfriend in this especially comparing Chace to him, Chace is nothing like him

"What do you mean get hurt again?" Jace asked stupidly, as if he cared and like if he hasn't hurt me himself especially emotionally and sometimes physically when we were younger.

"Chace is not going to hurt me Tanner, what don't you get that through your thick head. He's my bestfriend, we don't like each other in that way. And if you want to protect me from someone protect me from Jace he's been the one making my life a living hell since Chace and I became friends" I said angrily

"Jace? Protect you from Jace? Are you stupid or is Chace feeding you this shit?" Tanner yelled in my face

"Whatever just leave me the hell alone and don't even talk to me Tanner, you surely are blind" I said yanking my arm away from him and walking away leaving Tanner and Jace in shock and late for their class. Talking about late so am I, and bookless for my first period.

"Mrs. Dallas why are you late?" my English teacher said as I entered my class

"I um had to use the bathroom and had an encounter with someone I can't stand" as I said that the door opened.

"speak of the devil and he shall appear" I said a little too loud making the class emerge in a fit of laughter, how can I forget that idiot and I share the same AP English class, how is he even in AP he can act so brainless I forget he's in this class all the time/

"Jace why are you late" the teacher asked him as she looked at him

"I had some business to take care Ms." He said smugly smiling at me, I wish I could wipe that egoistic smile off his face.

"Just get to your seat you two" she said looking back at the board. I went straight to my desk third row the seat right next to the window. Jace on the other side sat on the last row also next to the window. Class went by in a breeze next thing I know the bell rang and I flew out my seat as if my pants were on fire.

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