Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Ghan watched Keira closely, he was trying to learn her habits, and how she thought so that when they got out into the real world he would be able to anticipate her actions. Keira glanced up from her book and glared as she didn‘t really like to be stared at. “I don’t like to be stared at.” She told him her temper flaring.

“I’m just trying to learn your habits, to be a good body guard.” He explained although he had just learnt something vital, she had a temper and that could be both a good and bad thing in any situation.

She frowned, that seemed reasonable, “Well shouldn’t you start with my scent first?” She asked.

He nodded, “I should but I didn’t want to be too forward.” He explained.

She shrugged and tilted her head aside to give him an unhampered view of her neck and throat. Everyone in the house knew her scent and had made a point to get to know her scent since she was a ‘cub‘ and her protection was a priority with everyone who lived here. Cub was a term she hated; she was a teenager not a cub. He got up and walked over; putting his hands on the arm rests and leant in. He took a deep breath and froze as his blood heated and his wolf rushed forward, his eyes flashing to molten bronze. He pushed himself back and backed away from her quickly.

He shook his head and fled the room, Keira sniffed at her shirt but all she could smell was the peaches and cream scent of the body wash she used. She shrugged and lifted her book to go back to reading, Were were strange creatures at the best of times but she had learned long ago to stop analysing their actions. She just accepted that everyone around her was nuts.

Ghan raced into Amy’s office and took a deep breath. “Amy we have a problem.” He told her seriously.

She glanced up from her computer and sighed. “Okay what’s the problem?”

He took a deep breath, “Keira is my mate…”

She took a deep calm breath as she thought. “Not for another seven years she isn’t and you know that because you wrote the laws.”

He watched her surprised for several moments. “You still want me to guard her even knowing that she will be my mate when she comes of age?” He demanded to know.

She gave him a knowing look. “Who better to protect her than the one who ultimately has the most to lose?”

He frowned, he hadn’t thought of it that way.

She stood and approached him, “You have seven years to get to know her, some mates would kill for this, to know their mate fully before taking them.”

He nodded, “I understand.”

“Do you think you can do this?” She asked.

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