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"keep calm and let me show you what this mouth do"

  I like it when we argue,fight then break up because after we going to make up.

I really like it when you butt ass naked under the sheets while outside its pouring down raining. It's a bad weather outside so let's make it nasty inside, please baby please.

You got me on my knees begging so baby please stop teasing and let me put a end to all this stressing. Oh yea while I am at it I promise to leave you speechless along with a blessing.

No interruptions,no disturbing and hopefully no one enters because I just want me between them juicy thighs of yours.

I know you like it when I crawl in bed with you pulling the sheets off you slowly showing your bare, smooth and juicy p*ssy.

I know you mad at me but let me make it right even though we hate each other why can't we just please each other and call it a night?

Your p*ssy leaking and here my tongue come creeping in between those thick chocolate thighs, I spread your legs apart as I begin to kiss your pussy lips.

You shot your eyes open finally awake seeing what about to take place and now you annoy because you not over of what I done. But I am trying to make it up to you can't you see?

You begin to mush my head from stopping but you know that's useless because you inlove with my French kisses.

I begin to travel my tongue entering your p*ssy as moans and grunts release out of your mouth.

I am licking my way in curving my tongue to hit your spot as your hand begin to grip my hair pushing my head in deeper. My fat,wet and thick tongue roaming and never stopping from where it's going as your moans begin to get louder. I feel your legs shaking,your breathing heavier and your pussy getting wetter.

Your thinking that you about to reach your climax but naw that's just my pleasing as you spread your legs wider not wanting me to stop.

I am loving the way you taste and the way you smell,the way you moan and groan.

You couldn't help it so you begin grinding as I starting to suck on your clit. All you could here from me is slurping and mushing as I eat you for dinner, damn where my manners at? My mom did taught me home training.

You like the way I make you feel don't you? You love my tongue game don't you? You don't want me to stop don't you?

I went back to flicking my tongue as I enter two of my fingers injecting it in and out. I could feel your body tense up as you groan out my name repeatedly, I love the way my name roll off your tongue.

Your eyes traveling to the back of your head as you grip the sheets repairing for your climax that's is arising. Your eyes widen as you begin cumming and your sweet cream sliding down my throat.

You breathing heavily thinking that I am finish but I ain't one of them regulars niggas you fuck with so you should know this head is not ending.

I begin twirling and circling my tongue around your now creamy cl*t, I love how warm and sweet you taste.

I gave three last licks along with slurping up your cum before popping my head up locking eyes with yours.

I look deeply into those greasy eyes that make any nigga fall inlove, I bit down on my pink lips admiring your features.

Damn baby I miss you can we stop playing this hate for hate game and make up? I still love you, do you still love me? Those the thoughts I ask myself but I should be asking you.

"I want you,I love you and I never meant to hurt you. Them girls couldn't match your beauty ma they was only in disguise in my eyes because all I really wanted was you. Yea I know I sound stupid because I let you go as I got caught up in the moment but I am asking for another chance. "I finally spoke in only above a whisper hoping you take me back because I meant every word.

You didn't speak only turn your head looking out the window watching the rain drops slide down. I begin seeing tears roll down your face as you muffle in your cries and my heart begin to ache.

"Is this it? Is this the end? Answer me and tell me because if so we could part ways and let everything crash and burn while we head in separate directions and never look back" I stated more aggressively being honest.

You haven't turn your head to look at me your attention stayed out of the window as the room grew silent and the only sound we could hear are the rain drops. Have I hurt you that bad that we can't even share eye contact, you can't a knowledge me or even speak to me.

You begin to shift in your spot as your eyes finally connect with mines, all I could see in your eyes is pain, sorrow, regret mix with unhappiness. I shake my head bowing it being ashamed and then I look back into your eyes once again deeply.

I let out a deep sign knowing that I hurt you deep but you hurt me deep too, even though I am a guy I have feelings to even though I never show them.

Thoughts roam through my head and now I know there isn't no love anymore, its just this out of control Sex Scandal.


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