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Intelligent Design: Did God Make Everything?

*The following article is intended to inform, not to offend*

Throughout the United States, a war of ideas and rights has been raging for generations. This war is public, but it is often not addressed. It is traditionally non-violent, but it is certainly not without its casualties. This war is not fought on any battlefield, but rather, it is fought in the courts, classrooms, and minds of the American people. The conflict in question is the constant debate that the scientific fields of evolutionary biology and physics spark with the movement known as intelligent design. Many proponents of intelligent design, also referred to as creationism, feel that their ideas should be taught in public schools as an alternative to proven science; however, simple investigation into the intelligent design movement shows that it is not in any way an alternative to other scientific explanations, and perhaps far worse, it is guilty of promoting the spread of dangerously primitive and unsupported ideas. The following will be an unrelenting demonstration of said shortcomings and idealistic disasters, an exposé directed at the most dishonest of all modern "educational" movements, and, with any luck, the piece of parchment that changes the mind of someone, anyone, who is in desperate need of changing.

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