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I knew I was going to die when she used her inhuman speed to get to me. She snatched me from the bushes and slammed me onto the ground With a gasp escaping from my mouth.

My aunts words then echoed into my head.

Alpha King Hughes died many years ago you stupid little bitch. His two children own his lands now. Damn you to be mates to that evil son.

My eyes widened as I looked at the girl towering over me. "This is going to hurt very much, rogue." She assured me with a smile.

I closed my eyes. So this is how I would die. My mates sister was going to kill me. The smell got closer and stronger meaning the guy was walking closer to me. So this is why my aunt told me never to go in the woods, she knew Alpha Hughes's son was my mate. But how?

I didn't ponder on the thought for too long. I didn't want my aunt to be my last thought before I died. I took a deep breath when the dagger started piercing through my chest. Knowing my mates sister was about to kill me was the only thought running through my Brain.


My eyes popped open when I felt the dagger at a stand still. The girl removed the dagger from my chest and looked at the guy.

"What the fuck? Why'd you tell me to stop?" She wined as if killing me was going to be fun for her.

"There's more people in the woods, get them. I'll handle her." He growled and she nodded. She looked at me a moment longer and then bolted to the woods. Again, I've never seen a person let alone a werewolf human run that fast.

"Stand up." He instructed me. Making me flinch.
His voice was scary and deep and very much startling. I brushed myself off and stood up noticing how small I was compared to him. He was a giant. I studied him, he was wearing dark jeans and a long sleeved black thermal shirt. Black boots and his hair was black and short, little hairs would fall to his forehead when he moved. I could tell his eyes were dark green and he was nicely built, I could tell from his muscles covered by his shirt.

When our eyes connected neither one of us could look away. There was this strong connection coursing through the both of us. The mate connection. He was my mate. I still couldn't believe it. I knew he knew it too and I knew he felt it. That was the reason he stopped his sister from killing me. We finally found each other. I was excited and before I could say anything, anything at all to him he did the most heart shattering, and terrifying thing in the world.

He slapped me.

Tears immediately spilled from my eyes. I've never felt a slap that hard in my life, leaving my aunts abuse to no comparison. I couldn't even hit him back. I was so shocked and scared at this moment that I couldn't move. The stinging on my face was the only reminder that he actually really just hit me and made me tumble backwards.

"I would drag you to my castle by your fucking ankles but I don't want to touch you. I suggest you follow me or else." His menacing voice came out as if threatening people like that was normal to him. I followed after him as he began walking. My heart hurt because of him. The way he talked to me and most importantly that he hit me. He very much lived up to the stories I've heard. He was evil and heartless and I see that.

I almost jumped out of my skin as his sister ran up beside me. She wasn't even out of breath as she slowed her pace to walk next to Me.

"There were no people in the woods you fucking liar." The girl glared at him.

Silence. He didn't say anything only continued walking further to the castle.

"And why the fuck is she still alive Hunter?" The girl snapped. "You going to use her as some sex slave or something?"

"Shut the fuck up Hailee and mind your business." He snapped and she shut her mouth. I was shocked because she Listened to him and actually didn't say anything else. I swore to myself that if she did say anything else about me that I would say something to defend myself. Even if I knew she would definitely kill me shortly after.

The Huge 'H' on the big double doors of the White Castle opened up as we approached it. As soon as the doors were wide open I followed Hailee and Hunter inside.

"Good evening."
Two women greeted as we walked in.
They were dressed in ugly black and white outfits.
I guess they were maids.

Anyway Hailee and Hunter ignored the ladies and continued to walk. I watched from behind them as Hunter said something to Hailee.

My heart ached for him. I wanted him to say something to me, to want me but he didn't. I was still shaken from the fact that he slapped me. I wanted to scream in pain so badly.

Then he suddenly started walking in a different direction of the castle. My eyes followed his every move, my heart was calling out to Him until I was yanked foward.

"Let's go." Hailee barked. I guess she was taking me to the dungeon of pain or something. As she dragged me I studied the castle. I had to admit It was So beautiful.

The white marble floors and dim lights made the castle seem dark and mysterious though. Hailee led me up a flight of stairs and then we entered a door to a long hallway. Hailee took me to the first door and opened it.

"I wonder why my brother didn't let me kill you, or kill you himself." She mumbled staring at me with pure curiosity. As she looked at me I had just realized how beautiful she was. She had long jet black hair and the darkest green eyes like Hunter. A small nose and dimples like me.

"Go ahead." She nodded while gesturing me to go into the room. I walked into it and wasn't surprised by how elegant it was. It was in a castle after all. The room was small but big enough for me. A big queen sized bed was the first thing I noticed. The bathroom was opposite of the bed and the tv was a few feet in front of the bed against a wall.

I turned around and peeked out in the hallway to say thank you to Hailee because she could have put me in a basement or dungeon or something but she brought me to a Bedroom.

I wanted to thank her but she was already gone.

I sighed and shut the door behind me. I Slid down against the door until my body hit the floor. I was finally able to do it I was finally able to cry.

Tears immediately flooded my face.

I found my mate and he hit me. The slap kept repeating in my head. He actually hit me. He was that evil that he hit me, his own mate.

I was convinced I was doomed, cursed. How the hell did I grow up abused to only be thrown into the likes of my mate but only to find out that he's the son of alpha King Hughes and he's hateful. My mate is hateful and mean and he hit me. He freaking hit me.
I couldn't believe any of this was happening to me. It was all my aunts fault. If she wouldn't have got those guys to get me then I wouldn't have ran across Hughes territory, I wouldn't have got up in this mess and most of all I wouldn't have been trapped here, with my mate who doesn't even want me.

But if he didn't want me then why was i here?

I got comfortable on the floor right in front of the door and cried myself to sleep. I just hoped that maybe he brought me back here because maybe he did care. Maybe just a little.

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