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Bad Boy's P.O.V

After helping Prankster get out of her glued seat and helping her clean up we decided to go to the local ice cream parlour, that was after she hit me thousands of times on my arm because I glued her favourite shorts to the chair. Once we had arrived at the parlour we both walked in sync towards the lady behind the counter who looked like she was in her early seventies and I decided to order for Prankster to see if she still had the same favourite ice cream.

"Hello, how may I help you two love birds today?" the woman asked both me and Prankster smiling sweetly causing Prankster to blush and me to get laugh.

"Please can we have two large waffle cones each with one scoop cookie dough, one scoop chocolate orange and one scoop coconut with strawberry sauce and sprinkles?" I asked the woman smiling sweetly as the woman nodded in return and started scooping the ice cream.

"Here is both your ice creams, you can have it on the house and pop by anytime you want. Anyway how long have you both been together?" The woman asked from behind the counter smiling as she handed us an ice cream each. Just as Prankster was about to correct her I interrupted wanting to make Prankster blush.

"Well we are engaged and expecting a child actually, four years strong and I am madly in love!" I told the woman as I kissed Prankster's forehead and gave her a cute gaze causing the lady in front to smile and Prankster to blush and shiver, little did she know she drove me crazy.

"That is so sweet; I love young love so much. Have a great day you two and best wishes for your future, you both look so adorable together!" The woman told us before waving goodbye.

"Thank you, goodbye and have a good rest of your day!" I told the woman before dragging Prankster out the shop and into the woods for a nice stroll and we could also climb some trees and see the amazing sights.

"Why'd you tell the woman I was expecting and that we're engaged and madly in love you idiot?" Prankster asked me as she hit my stomach going bright red, I deliberately did it to embarrass her and to make her blush and it definitely worked.

"Well I knew it would make you blush because you love me, anyway I have been meaning to ask: Will you do me the pleasure of being my wife and being the Prankster to my Bad Boy?" I asked Prankster jokingly causing us both to laugh and joke around, I felt so free around Prankster and we could always have a laugh and joke around, it was perfect. She was perfect.


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