What Do You Want Me To Do? Part Two (Stiles)

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I go to sit on the rock on the end of the cliff but stop myself. That was where Stiles and I kissed for the first time. 

The memory stops my heart and I sink down to the cold, hard earth beneath my feet. The wind grows stronger and I crawl to the nearest tree and lean against it for comfort. I close my eyes trying to relax but end up drifting into a light sleep. 


When I wake up I can barely open my eyes. The sun must be coming up because the light in my eyes is very bright causing me to not be able to see very well and also because of that fact that I just woke up in the woods. When I can finally see again, I realize it isn't the light from the sun shining in my face, it's the headlights from a certain blue jeep. 

"Y/N?" I hear a familiar voice call out to me. "What are you doing here?" I look up and sees Stiles getting out of his Jeep and walking over next to me. I haven't heard his voice in a while so the sound of it was making goosebumps appear on my skin. 

"Why are you here?" I try to ask him but the words barely make it out. My throat was dry from sleeping in the woods in the cold. He laughed at what I said. "What am I doing here?" he asked me. "I came here because you didn't answer my calls," he said quietly looking down to the floor. "But it looks like you got my note," he said pointing to his sweatshirt that I was wearing. "Yeah," was all I could say. "Why didn't you answer your phone?" he asked even more quiet this time. Maybe he thought I couldn't hear him. 

"I couldn't," I said back to him. "Well, my phone is off and inside of my car while I am asleep next to this tree like a crazy person but also because, I just, didn't want to talk.  Not yet, anyways." He shook his head. "I understand," was all he said. 

"Could you ever forgive me?" he asked. "It's not your fault, Stiles," I told him. "None of it is your fault. It's my fault. I should've known. . . And I'm not mad, It's okay that you love someone else but I don't want to be around you when it's happening." I felt his tear hit the sweatshirt that I was wearing after it cascaded down his spotted cheeks. 

"No," he said taking both of my hands and turning to face me. "You read my letter, right?" he asked but he didn't give me time to answer. "I told you that I didn't love anyone but you. Yes, I used to love Lydia, well, I thought it was love but, I didn't know what love was until I met you." The tears started to form in my eyes now. "And those girls at school, don't worry about them," he told me but, that was a little easier said than done. "I know that it's hard but I'm going to be there more now, okay? They won't be able to say anything to you anymore." 

I nod knowing the words he is saying are true. He let's go of the grip he has on my hands and interlaces are fingers. "Please," he said kissing our fingers. "don't ever leave me again." 

"I won't," I promised him as he hugged me and all of the tension in my shoulders finally melted away. I knew this is where I belonged, in Stiles' arms. I'm never going to leave them again. 

"Can we go to my house now?" he asked. "I'm freezing." We laughed as we got into our cars. 

This was very long awaited and I apologize. This is super duper short and I also apologize for that. I hope you all enjoyed it and comment down below and let me know what you think. Thank you for reading, voting and commenting!



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