Bonus #1 - Meeting

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 "I'm reckless and selfish

I'm feeling defenseless

Even at my best

I'm still feeling like a mess

I'm not proud of who I've been

I know I've gotta grow"


Cigarette smoke hung heavily in the humid air, a shot of whiskey burned as it ran down his esophagus. Levi had lost count of how many he'd already downed. Not that it bothered him; he'd just have sex with a prostitute or two to burn it off, and then make his way home. In the morning, his headache would be minimal and he'd drag himself into work with some bullshit excuse as to his moodiness. Mostly just the fact that he had to work on a Saturday (but it was his Saturday to work).

Tonight would be just like any other night.

Behind him, he could hear a woman – Lexi was her name – talking to a drunk man about going upstairs to the brothel. He tched into his shot glass as he raised a full one to his lips. Tossing it back, Levi barely took in the fact that this was one of the grimiest places he'd ever been in. He knew that he couldn't look too closely at anything, or else he'd be too disgusted to ever return.

Where would he go then to drown out the shit hole that was his life?

Levi barely noticed as a group of people, about seven women with only three men among them, waltzed into the grungy bar. Even though they were quite loud, adding to the buzzing in the back of his mind from the previously present bar patrons. The group were in casual, but nice, outfits; most of the women in skirts or dresses, while the guys wore button ups and relaxed jeans with nice loafers.

They definitely weren't from that part of town.

Among this group was a woman with [H/C] hair and [E/C] eyes. Her name was [Name], she wore a nice [F/C] dress that flattered her shape. Her hair was done different than its usual style and her feet were adorned with a new pair of pumps to match the cloth that licked at her knees.

[Name] and two of the others broke off to claim tables for the group. [Name] already knew, though, that she would not be greatly joining in the festivities. Why had she even agreed to come? – Probably because her friend had guilted her into coming.

[Name] hated drinking, and she hated bars. Especially since her first job was in a bar. It was not exactly her favourite place in the world. The fog of smoke was smothering, giving her a headache; while the sight of the drunken, touchy men made her flinch.

She was going to sit the night out.

The friend who was the occasion was for, Topaz, flitted over to the bar, where she flirted with the bar tender and a few minutes later received a large order of drinks. As much as [Name] tried to get out of a drink, Topaz thrust one into her hand before leaving her on her own at the table. The girl sat quietly at the table, staring intently with slumped shoulders at the amber liquid.

What even was in the glass?

She shook her head; it was going to be a long night.

Levi stood, leaned against the bar, his eyes scanning the women that crowded the place. He saw most of them on a nightly basis, they were regulars – like him. He growled in annoyance at the crowd of people drunkenly cheering around a dartboard. Honestly, couldn't they just calmly enjoy a drink?

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