I'm allergic to vampires! Literally.... Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

Sky’s POV

I continued to pound on his back, struggling but he ignored my feeble attempts, simply annoyed “Your just making yourself worse, quit it.” He grumbled, his grip on me tightened on me.

“Let me go!”

“I can’t until I get into the barrier.”


“Yes, and call me master from now on.”

“Never you bastard!”

“Fine, call me Adam.”

“Adam? That’s your name?”

“Yes, do you have a problem with that?”

“No…It was unexpected.”

“I change it every century.” I’m stunned at this news.

“Your more than a century old?”

“Of course, if I’d been any younger, your punch would have killed me.” He growled.

“Why did you want a slave? Aren’t you going to eat me?” I asked and he laughe a hearty laugh. “No, you silly solstice.”

“I thought changelings eat solstice vampires.”

“Younger ones do.”


“Your very curious, I’m sorry about my rudeness earlier but I get lonely.”

“Why didn’t you just find another changeling?” I hissed, arms crossed, my wrist still in bad shape, my skin still unable to heal without vampire blood.

“Changeling’s are rare, young one.”

“Don’t call me that, if you must call me something, call me sally.” I grumbled.

“Alright, I will.” He said quietly and the conversation ended from there. I simply enjoyed this moment of peace until he set me down on my feet and snapped the bones in my wrist back in place.

“We’re here.” Before me was an enormous ruined mansion covered in ivy, vines littered its front, the windows in shambles, the road simply dirt leading to where I thought was north.

“You live in this rust bucket of a house?” I commented.

“You haven’t been inside.” He explained and just as he walked past me, I bolted, running straight into an invisible wall. I groaned in pain and he laughed at me.

“Your inside the barrier, no one gets in or out without my permission.”

I cursed the world about changelings and such as he picked me up off the ground, kissing my hand.

“Darling, you are truly a stubborn creature.” He stated.

“Shut up…don’t sweet talk me…” I grumbled.

“Anyway, let’s get you situated, you must change out of those dirty clothes.”

“Oh…well It’s not like I have had the chance the shower….” I said, embarrassed.

“I’ll have clothes prepared for you.”

“What?” I said as I followed him inside, my mouth falling open, the interior beautiful in every way, red carpet covered the impeccable marble floor. Gold painted walls made the room sparkle from the light-giving crystal chandelier. I observed the elegant wooden staircase, it curved in such a way, it must have taken decades to shape it.

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