Overprotective Brother - Luis Coronel

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{Kiara's Request}

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I sit on the couch getting ready to watch some Netflix with my brother.

As my brother comes from the kitchen with a bowl of popcorn, he tells me Luis is coming over.

Of course, I know already because Luis texted me that my brother invited him over to watch some movies with us.

I nod my head to let him know I heard him as I search for something to watch.

I heard the doorbell ring, and me and my brother both get up to get the door.

My brother stares intensely at me.

"I'll get the door, calm down. Continue trying to find a movie." he waves at me as he's heading towards the door.

I rolled my eyes and sat down and decided to pick White Chicks.

I hear the boys do a hand shake and come in the living room.

"Just sit down, I'm going to get us some drinks." he says leaving me and Luis alone.

Luis ran over to me when he heard my brother leave and hugged me.

"Hey baby," he coo'd.

"Hi babe," I giggled.

He pecked my lips a couple times and kissed my cheek.

"I hate that we're keeping our relationship a secret from your brother." he pouted.

"I know, I wish I could tell him but he'd freak out." I sighed, kissing the top of his head.

When we heard my brother come, Luis moved away quickly from me.

"Um hey, Kiara, there's no more Pepsi, there's only Coca-Colas," my brother stood at the kitchen doorway, looking at me.

"Oh, well that's fine then. Is there Dr. Pepper?" I asked batting my eyelashes.

"Uh, let me check." he said turning around and walking back into the kitchen.

Luis scooted towards me and gave me another kiss but then that kiss turned into a makeout session that lasted about 20 seconds.

"Hey Kia- what the hell!" my brother yelled.

Me and Luis both stopped, and looked at him with wide eyes.

"What the hell is going on?!" he shouted.

"Look bro," Luis said getting up and holding his hands up defensively, "it's not what it looks like."

"Not what it looks like?! You're kissing my fucking sister." he shouted even louder.

I slowly got up and stood behind Luis, frightened of what my brother would do.

"How long has this been going on?!" he yelled.

"T-two months," I stuttered.

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