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Almost dead .

That's what he said and he is breathing so slow. It's like his heart beat will stop soon.

" He is weak. His heart beat is slow. We need to help him." Will told.

" No need stop. He is just sleeping. He will be up soon!" Chaos told.

" But....." Will was saying before Chaos again interrupted.

" We have more pressing issues" He said in a cold voice.

He is so cold hearted. He is more of a villain than hero.
Who knows if he only did this to Percy!

" Have a break on your thoughts daughter of Zeus. " he said and glared at me

I suddenly started sweating.

I wanted to hid somewhere deep down in underworld.

" What were you saying about the person of your dream Piper?" He asked.

Piper narrated the whole story again.

After which Athena said again " So we were not able to point out the rival."

" It's difficult with whole Percy coming back and then suddenly prophecy again." Zeus said.

" Who's Percy? " a voice said .

We all turned to see Percy standing there.

" He was a hero here. But he ran away because of some issue." Aphrodite said and looked at Reus and Annabeth.

" Sadass" he muttered and sat.

Suddenly Chaos put his hand on Percy's forehead and again he fell on land unconscious.

See I told you.

" Piper I need to see your dream." Chaos said again glaring at me.

Piper was little afraid.

" What if he comes to know?" She asked.

" Believe me he is not strong enough to kill yet." He said.

" Do you know who it is?" Hera asked.

" I have my guesses, Queen of Olympus. " Chaos said and moved his hand towards Piper forehead.

" Be prepared. It may hurt a bit." He said and he put his hand on her forehead.

After some minutes he pulled back and looked at Jessica and then at Percy.

Finally he walked up to Hestia and said



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