Kisses for everyone

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///Aubrey's point of view///

"Ok, Valery is going first," stated Jo whom had seemed to take control of the game. She leaned out, her fringe falling in front of her face as she did so, and spun the bottle. It landed on everyone before it finally halted to a stop in front of Levi. "Truth or dare?" She asked in a cheeky voice.

"Hmm...I go with dare," replied a slightly phased Levi. A moment later Valery told him her dare. "I dare you to do this: If you answer the question that I am going to ask with a yes, you must kiss the girl on your right, if you answer a no you must go naked in front of the whole beach" She daringly told him. He seemed to not care at all and shrugged as she began to ask him the question. "Have you ever wagged school?" She queried. It was a simple question and I realised that since he was the bad boy and could be a yes. "Yes," he replied without hesitation. Everyone in the circle looked around to see who the girl to his right was. Their gazes landed on me. I checked to see if I indeed was the girl and so my doubts were confirmed. I began to blush uncontrollably, so much that I had to look down to regain my stature. A cheeky smile played across Levi's face as he was told what the deed was. "You have to kiss Aubrey," Put out Valery and I almost bit back the words. This is too awkward! What am I going to do?! Thoughts were rushing to my head and suddenly they were all interrupted by the gentle caress of Levi's lips against mine. His kiss was magical and sparks definitely flew as I was taken to the magical land of love. His lips lingered a little too long and he smiled against me before he finally pulled away to stare at the astonished faces of the group. I caught Jo's gaze and she simply winked at me as we continued to play the game. 15 minutes later it was Jo's turn. "Truth or dare?" I asked in excitement.

"Truth," She replied bravely. She was the first to ask a truth. "Ugh, you're boring," I snorted before pausing to think of a truth to ask.

"How many boyfriends have you had in the past?" I asked cheekily and she began to blush uncontrollably. I could tell that she was a little bit embarrassed to reveal just how many boys she had went out with. "T-three..." She stammered and I looked back in astonishment. She was damn hot and the fact that she had dated three had come a surprise to me. I snickered a little before sitting back to acknowledge the game.

"Aubrey, truth or dare?" Asked Emma who was one of Jo's friends.

"Dare," I stated.

"I dare you to wag school tomorrow," she smiled as she said it. Fuck you bitch I thought in my head, shooting bullets into her brain so as to put an end to this nonsense. I had never wagged school before and I was definitely too much of a good girl to do it now. "You have to do it now," smirked Levi, "It's a dare." I looked back with my mouth wide open, searching for an excuse. Nothing came to me. "Fine!" I groaned realising that this decision was going to ruin my life! The night went on as we played our fun little game. I touched my lips where Levi had kissed me and almost smiled before stopping myself with the excuse that I was going soft for him.


This part was sort of short but it is meant to be a detail that falls in place with the whole story. I hope that you guys liked it and I will keep updating regularly. Thanks for the appreciation, much love,

The girl with no name xx

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