Chapter 2: Stalker

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I got home and laid in my bed, I look across as Luke wasn't home. He has soccer practice, I went to one of his games and they lost. Coach said I was some bad luck for his team. Just because I'm gay mean I'm a bad omen to others. Really? I left my room to take a quick shower, it was nice having the warm water hit my body. Once finished I step out, to grab a towel. I dry myself and clear the fog on the mirror, I look at myself for a second. My brown hair, blue/green eyes, my hair looked like a mop. I shook it to mess it up, I like to mess my hair up like this for school. I had a small muscular figure even for being 5'11" the doctor told me eat more meat and I should become more muscular. It's not my fault I have a fast metabolism, I was born with it. Just like I was born gay, and found out by having a crush on my ex friend. Ok forget calling it a crush, I was dying to love him. I just felt I had to tell him he hates secrets, but this one I should have kept it. I put a towel around my waist, going into my room, closing my window 3/4 of the way. I saw Luke get into his room, I could hear his door slam. He threw his bag to his bed and was punching the corner of the bed. I quickly put some clothes on, it was a Blue V neck some black boxers, along with some cargo shorts. I really didn't care anyways. I go back to see Luke was on the phone, I didn't want to listen in. Our windows are so close for me to hear him shouting anyway. I quietly open my window and pull the chair I use for my computer. I just listen to his conversation.

"No Coach was suppose to pick me for finals. He got mad at me for not having a choice in my partner for sociology. He won't even listen to me, it wasn't my fault I got chosen to be with-" he stopped talking and turn to me. I felt tears, but didn't let go of eye contact. "I got to go." He said then hung up. I closed my window closed my curtain and just laid in bed, the one comfort I thought I had just happens to be right next to the man I love and crushed my social status. I felt tears silently leave my eyes, I cried not loud so anyone could hear. I just let everything go into my pillow, the thing is the pillow case was the set that matched Luke's we got them on our 11 birthday. I had one thing always making me cry, and a memory that I don't want to give up to just top that.

I got a text from Luke, after all this fucking time he wants to text me.


L-Can we talk please?🙁

C-Why the hell do you hate me so much😒. Why did you have to tell the world my one secret. 😠I trusted you as a friend. 😔I thought you cared about me, never cared about anything that was wrong, you would always try to comfort me and help me. 🙁I tell you one fucking thing and you abandoned me.😡

L-I want to apologize. 😔Can we just talk face to face. I just feel awful for leaving you without an explanation.😞

C-I use to like hanging out with you😒, then you just turned after one thing. You watch as others day after day hurt me🤕, and you my ex best friend hurt me the most that day😪. Nothing can top that moment of feeling absolutely hated.🙁🔫

L-I don't hate you, I was in a state of shock.😥

C-2 fucking months of shock😒, yet you wasted no time telling the whole fucking school.😢

L-I didn't tell anyone, I wouldn't do that to you.😠

C-Then who the hell told, because your the only person I told. Huh😡

L-it was Fucking Justin. 👿He was stalking us when you told me. I should have protected you by saying no you didn't say your were gay or something at least. I hate myself because of it😪.... Can we please just talk in person.😥

C-you know where I live, not like I can leave on my own. Not yet at least.😒

L-I'll be over in 20 minutes, got to take a shower🚿. Coach ⚽️ made me run more than the other team, because we're partners. I really hate him sometimes.😤

C-Yea I heard you complain, not like I have a choice. See you then I guess.😒

I sat in my bed in silence, cleaning the dry tears off my eyes. I fixed my room up, why thought. He just wants to talk about the project, he'll leave you again. Just forget you even exist. I thought, I didn't want it to be true. That's what all this felt like though, get me soft again just to make me more vulnerable to everything one more time.

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