Tregetour - a Harry Potter Fan fiction

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DISCLAIMER - I do not own Harry potter, its characters, or the places, spells or enchantments. I only. Own Alex Windsor and the plot of this story.



"Attention!" A deep yell pulled me out of my train of thought, it took me awhile to remember what was going to happen today.

Today I was going to fake my own death....

" Commander? General? Windsor! ALEX!!!" The same deep voice from before shouted in my ear to get my attention. My eyes became focused again and was looking straight into warm brown ones.

" Oh what fresh hell is this?" I asked with my unfaded British accent, smiling at my old instructor, who was now my Lieutenant.

" You were thinking about fathers again. Weren't you?" He said putting his arm around my shoulders and steering me towards the military cafeteria.

" Yes, today's the day Carter. I'm leaving, I've been here too long." I drawled.

" 9 years. For 9 whole years you have been my little sister, but today Alex your going back to the place you really belong." Carter said pulling a grey plastic chair out for me to sit on. Taking a seat himself after getting our coffee from the Neon orange coffee station. I mean Grey and orange! In a classified military base? Really?

After a our coffee was finished I broke the silence.

" I have to catch my plane, see you on the other side, Commander." I told him with a smile.

" Goodbye Allicasiana [A/N pronounced Al-ee-kay-zia-na] Windsor, till we meet again." He said kissing my forehead gently.


A few hours later


"Mayday Mayday! We are going down-"

I felt the plain lose momentum, just like I had planned. I casted a protection charm on the pilots, before apparating.

I have arrived safely in muggle London. Unfortunately I was lost, I passed a sign that told me I was on Privet drive in Little Whining. I passed number one, then two, three, until I came to four. It looked pleasant and muggleish. I turned into my Animagus form which was a Stark white cat with the most beautiful blue eyes.

I walked up to the door and started clawing and meowing at the door.

From inside I heard a gruff 'Go see what's at the bloody door, you piece of filth.' After a few seconds the door swung open to reveal a boy my age with raven black hair, round glasses and emerald green eyes. He had a lightning bolt scar on his forehead. He spotted me sitting in front of his feet, picked me up and closed the door when we were back in the house.

I think I'm going to like him...

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