Beginning of the End Pt. 3

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Didn't get the 20 votes, so it kind of took my sometime to update. Not purposely though, just a lot of things came up so updating had to wait. Game of Thrones is back on and I am so excited about that, Jon Snow's storyline was a little predictable but it is still interesting on were they go with it!! I am excited!

Dedicating this to lindahh and everyone else whom commented!

Narrator's POV

Cristiano sat looking at his new little additions to his small family. He and Amber had a baby boy and baby girl. He love that they both had lightly brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes. He could see himself and Amber in the infants. His thumb rubbed the top of their small hands while he hummed a nursery song that his mother used to sing to him when he was a child.

As he looked at the smiles on their little faces, Cristiano was both excited and scared for them. He was excited because he was expanding his family. That after months and months of waiting they were finally here. He was excited to be apart of their lives to see them grow and become more than what they are.

He was scared for them because of the uncertainty of Amber involvement in there life. He wanted her to be there with him every step of the way. To see all the ups and the downs of what it was to be a new parent. Cristiano was scared that Amber would miss out on seeing their children grow up together. And that their kids wouldn't know how amazing Amber really is.

Cristiano was still upset over what the doctor had told him about Amber. It still was on his mind. Not knowing whether she was okay or not really drove him crazy, the only thing that was keeping him sane in this entire situation was the two infants that were lying in front of him. He was preparing himself to having to be a single father again. He hated to think that but he had to prepare himself for that because he cannot be selfish anymore especially because of the fact that he now has three kids depending on him.

Cristiano took in every inch of the infant's faces. Studying them, rememorizing their features. He thought of the fact that he had not named the kids yet. That he and Amber had threw out ideas but had never come to an agreement on what to name them.

He thought names just in case but none really seemed to fit. {A/N: Comment name ideas} He felt like none of them felt right without Amber approval or input. Cristiano sat there getting depressed the more he thought about the future without Amber.

Danielle was sitting in the waiting room she kept going over the list of injuries her sister had sustained in the car accident. Amber had a fractured skull, two broken ribs, broken right forearm, and head trauma. After hearing what parts of Amber's brain had swollen. She felt sick, she felt like his whole world was being ripped apart. Seeing the page that showing an MRI of Amber's brain was stuck on her mind.

"Mrs. Averio has a 52% chance of survival, but because of the amount of injuries that her brain acquired in the accident there is a 32% chance of permanent brain damage" Danielle remembered the doctor saying. "Mrs. Averio is slowly becoming brain dead, which is equivalent to her, pretty much being dead. We put her into a medical induced coma while we treat. We we'll monitor the swelling and try to help it go down without causing any more damage to her brain. Right now it's to earlier to say what way she could go right now. So, just be patient these things will take time."

Be patient. She shook her head. She thought of losing her mother, her kids and now possible her sister. She felt like all hope was gone. That God was playing some cruel joke her. She had faith but as each minute passed by she could feel it slowly slipping away.

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