I just wanted to let you know that I wrote this story a really, really, really, really long time ago, so there are some really stupid and cringey and,well very cliche yucky stuff. It's basically all over the story.

So, read at your own risk. You're going to be put through a ton of cringey-ness if you read this story. I would totally recommend not reading this story and going on to read my newer/recent stories.

Also, by the title 'Bad Girl' I (back then) didn't mean a girl who did drugs & had sex with loads of guys and smoked weed and pot or was on crack or murdered other living beings. If you read the story (lols) you'll find out. Because I was actually (I can't believe this) being realistic (kinda but it was cliché so that kind ruins the point butttttt) because a girl that had been so used to being a good girl her entire life would probably never even think about killing someone or doing drugs out of the blue. Or maybe. lmao.

Also from 28/10 I'm editing this story. So the chapters that are still capital letters aren't edited so they might make no sense. Sorry.

Please comment under any grammar mistakes/ spelling/ other mistakes or things that don't seem right. It helps me a lot with editing!


hat's all!

Thanks guys for 40k reads!!!!


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