♥Chapter 7♥

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''Sometimes, holding on to love is like holding on to a knife; the tighter the grip, the deeper the cut.'' - Daniel Saint

It was time for her next art lesson and Iris was feeling more nervous than usual. Not only because Pierce and her hadn't really talked after their date, but also because she had to make it clear that going out with him had been a mistake. 

Her parents would be so disappointed in her if they found out that she was going out with her teacher who was twelve years older than her. Not only that, but she didn't want to end up like the protagonist in some teacher-student romance like the ones that Rose read.

As Iris walked into the classroom, Pierce greeted her with a smile and made her a gesture that he needed to talk to her after the lesson was over, to which she nodded before making her way to her easel next to Rose.

''Is something wrong, Iris? You look a little... strange,'' Rose asked her as soon as she settled next to her.

''No everything is fine, I just have a little headache that's all.'' She avoided her question and tried to compose herself, she didn't want to look uncomfortable or nervous.

''Okay class, quiet now please! So today you will be working on the second painting of the competition, which will leave six more paintings to be completed. That means six more weeks before my friend, Richard, gets here to choose the winner who will go to Florence,'' He paused for a while to look around the class. ''Today's assignment is to use chiaroscuro in your art work. This means that one should play with shadow and light. Your time starts now, good luck!''


''Time is up! Drop your brushes!'' Pierce announced when their time was up. 

During the past two hours he had observed Iris and noticed that something was definitely not right with her. He wondered if maybe she regretted going out with him, but he dismissed the thought since everything had went so well and she had looked so happy with him.

He started to walk around to look at the paintings and was surprised to see that Iris's work wasn't going to be in his top three like usual, since he had to admit that it wasn't that good. Not as good as her usual paintings. She had just drew a floating ball, which was the easiest way to interpret the assignment.

''After looking at all your paintings I have to say that some of you really impressed me, but others really disappointed me, but I'm not going to say who. So today, in first place we have Rose, in second place we have Amy and in third we have Ben. Good job to all of you and we meet here again next week, take care and goodnight!'' Mr.Black said before going back to his desk to write down the top three students for that day.

''Did you want to speak to me?'' Iris asked him as she moved closer to him after the class had emptied and his back was facing her.

He turned around to face her with a grin, ''Yes in fact I did.'' Pierce tilted her chin up before kissing her softly. The kiss didn't last long though because Iris took a step back to create some space between them. With his lips on hers she couldn't think clearly about what she wanted to say. ''Iris, what's wrong?''

''Nothing is wrong, I just have a headache that's all.''

''I don't believe you. You have been acting strange during the whole lesson and even your painting showed that something is up. You know you can tell me everything right? I will try to do everything I can to help you,'' He took her hands in his as he expressed his concern.

At that moment Iris knew that she couldn't say what she had initially planned to say. He was too good to her and had all the qualities that she looked for in a man, she couldn't just let him go because she was sure that she would regret it for the rest of her life. She remembered what her mother had told her once; when you find the person that you are meant to spend the rest of your life with you just know, that's how I knew your father was the man that I was going to marry.

''The truth is that I do have something that I want to ask you.''

''What do you want to ask me?'' He asked her worryingly. He had no idea what she was going to ask him and that made him a little nervous.

''Are you planning on taking me out on another date?'' Iris asked him with a shy smile as she made up her mind to follow her heart for once.

''I thought you were going to ask me something that was hard to answer! Of course I am going to take you out on another date since we both had a lot of fun on our first one. This was actually why I wanted to talk to you after the lesson. How does next Friday sound to you, after you finish classes at University?'' He asked her.

''That sounds perfect, I'll see you then!'' She told him before placing a kiss on his cheek.

''Text me when you finish so I can come pick you up, okay?'' He told her as he looked down into her beautiful blue eyes.

''Okay, I will. I have to go now if I don't want my parents to start asking me a million questions on why I'm late.''

''When will I meet these amazing parents of yours?''

''Trust me, that is not something that you should look forward to since you will be assessed from every possible angle,'' Iris told him as she let out a little giggle.

''Sounds fun! But remember I'm in the army and I can handle pretty much everything,'' He told her with a wink.

''Keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep at night,'' She teased him. ''I'll text you tomorrow, good night my soldier.'' Iris said before kissing him goodbye.

''Sweet dreams, my princess.'' Pierce couldn't believe what an amazing girl he had managed to pick up, she was honestly the girl of his dreams and he couldn't help but hope that they would spend the rest of their lives together. It was true what his dad had told him, when you meet the one you just know.

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