Shane's POV

This isn't a joke to me. I want Joey to know that. So as he's laughing at my pathetic kiss, I got enough courage to do something different. To really kiss him. Show him how much I meant it. So when Lauren said to do the kiss again, I knew this was my chance. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him in. He gasped lightly in surprise as I pressed my lips to his with force and began to kiss him.

His eyes widened in surprise, and I smirked as they quickly shut again as he got into the kiss. I put my hands behind his neck and on his back, pressing him closer to me. He moved his hands to my hips and rubbed his fingers slowly on them.I groaned.

We totally forgot about Lauren and the camera as I backed Joey

Onto the couch. He grabbed my hair pulling me into him, as I tried to push my tongue between his lips but he wouldn't let me. I realized I was losing air so I pulled back and gasped for air.

Joey breathed in deeply, and we waited a minute until our breathing was steady again.


Joey started but I stopped him.

"Shh... Joey it's ok."

"No Shane, y-you don't understand..."

He trailed off

"I think I understand just fine"

I smiled, running my fingers through his hair,

"Shane p-please just listen for one minute!"

He begged tears in his eyes

I sat in silence

"Shane I-I don't, like you..."

He confessed, mumbling.

I was shocked. taken aback. My heart was broken.

Why did he kiss me if he didnt like me.

"Then What The Fuck was THAT Joey? Why would you kiss me like that if you knew you didn't like me?!"

Joey frowned.

"I-I'm so sorry Shane, I h- haven't kissed anyone in so long and it felt so good but-but it didn't feel... Right."

I felt horrible. I felt something in the kiss, and I could have sworn he did too. See, that's why I usually don't keep my hopes up. But this one time, this on time I did. And It backfired. big time.

Joey's POV.

I felt horrible. I shouldn't have told Shane I didn't like him. But I had to stop the kiss. It just didn't feel right. I'm having second thoughts about telling Shane about me liking Sawyer... He already looks horrible, blotchy cheeks, red eyes, and tear stained cheeks. But then again, maybe he would understand better if i told him. He would know it isn't his fault. I leaned in and hugged him.

"I'm so sorry Shane."

I mumbled rubbing his back.

"Shane, c'mon, we should go wash up, and leave Joey here to think for a minute."

Lauren suggested, deciding it would probably be a good idea to let Shane think too.

She led him to the bathroom, then came back down to talk to me.

"You're brave Joey."

She said.

"I wouldn't have been able to tell him I didn't like him after that kind of kiss, I would have felt horrible."

The tears rushed down my face.

"I do feel horrible!"

I cried, throwing my hands in the air.

"I-I can't like him though,I had to stop The kiss. I-I think i already like someone else."

Shane's POV

Joey doesn't like me. He likes someone else.

***Authors note: Hey guys!! I'm already at almost 100 reads! It's crazy!! Ok so I have a question for you guys. Should sawyer like Joey back?? I'm debating whether or not he should. The story will probably go on longer if he does, there will also probably more smut aswell. But I will let y'all decide. Should Sawyer like Joey? Leave your answer in the comments below! Love you! ~Shoey Shipper***

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