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Two weeks later, I found a job working for Gerard Van Allan and I haven't seen Harry in a week, other than a friendly wave from driveway to driveway. Although I went for a jog the other day and Harry wanted to join me but his wife interrupted and he was further occupied. Im beginning to think things are cooling off. Even though the very sight of him has me wanting more, I've restrained from making the next move.

I slump into my new couch with a bowl of cereal and reclining my feet. Mr. Van Allan had been particularly needy today. He needed coffee and papers printed and his suit dried and his other suits picked up, etc.


As soon as I'm comfortable some dick has to knock. I open the door and Harry's standing there. He smirks sheepishly fiddling with the bill of his hat.

"Hey," he says gruffly.

"Hi," I chime awkwardly staring at him.

"Are you busy tonight?" He ask tensing his jaw and moving to mess with his rings. His eyes trail down my body. I step back a bit insecure.

"No, I just got off work." I huff shuffling my aching feet. He nods in understanding.

"Could you possibly come over and watch the kids. They just need to stay up stairs. We're having a get together with some of my friends and we don't need the kids hanging around." He goes into his stern voice although his stance is vulnerable and uncomfortable.

"Yeah, I'd love to. What time?" I ask.

"About 7," he adds. I nod.

"Ok yeah I can do that." I agree. He bites his lip looking at my chest.

"I've told you about not wearing a bra. Did you go to work like this?" He ask reaching a hand out to thumb my breast.

"Uh-Yeah." I stutter. His hand trails down to my bum.

"Bet you're not wearing any underwear either." He slips his hand between my thighs and I close them slightly. I hold on to his broad shoulders practically taking up the entire doorway.

"Cmon in." I pant as his hand dives into my center and he kicks the door closed.

"We can't be long, she knows I'm here." He pants abusing my neck with kisses and bites.

"Ok take me right here." I slide on top of the kitchen counter and he pushes my skirt up and rips off my thong. "Ugh, I liked those." I whine but then his fingers work my core as I unbuckle his pants.

"God, how is it that you're always wet for me princess?" He moans as I stroke his growing member.

"I guess you just know how to work me." I nip at his lip. He plants my hips to the counter and plows in. I gasp in shock and arch my back in pleasure.

I moan loudly wrapping my legs around him and trying to keep my hands from clawing at his back. I rest on the counter panting and writhing in pleasure.

"Ah fuck daddy, fuck me good." I moan and he begins thrusting harder and faster. I hold on to his wrist as his green eyes ignite my entire body into flames.

"Mm, princess, I've missed that filthy mouth of your's." He pries his thumb into my mouth and suck on it greatly. The faint taste of strawberries linger on his thumb. He takes his thumb out and rips my shirt open bursting the buttons.

"Harry, this is my favorite shirt." I comment sitting up and looking at it. He shoves me back down.

"I don't give a fuck," he says sternly and grips my boobs and starts pounding me even more. I arch my back moaning his name. His hands are squeezing my boobs so tightly, his dick is stretching me and pounding me so hard,
I'm near the edge of oblivion. I close my eyes and I'm soon cumming all over him and he in me. I relax on the counter riding out my climax and Harry begins zipping up his pants and straightening his hat. I hadn't even had time to run my fingers through that hair I had missed desperately over the past few weeks.

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