[Jon Snow] Breathe Me {Imagine}

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Hey guys, Caitlyn here schools pissing me off and this imagine took me forever i'm sorry aha anyway this was requested by @Deadangel420 it didn't let me tag you sorry about that XD. Anyway smut warning guys k all good if it's bad I apologise im so tired at the moment. #SpoilerAlert!! make sure your  caught up with at  least the start of season six of game of thrones before reading this. I'm also listening to hosiptal for souls at the moment which I freaken love i'm gonna put above cause it's amazing try listening to it with this imagine but i'm warning you it's metal  this imagines gonna be a bit depressing at the start then smutty!! just something different sorry if you don't like it.

When you were kids the world didn't seem to matter as much now it just seems to fall apart like sand through your fingers, you can't take it anymore the world falls apart his family are like your family after his father died he started to slip away followed by his mother and his brothers deaths which hurt you and felt like you were being ripped in half from the loss of them they were like your family. Emptiness fills you more then anything you think he hides it better. Tonight would rip you apart like no other and you didn't know but it would be worse then anything that's ever happened.

You smiled to yourself tonight you were gonna surprise Jon he's been stressed lately your relationship with him was different you both completed each other and loved each other but you didn't say it much, you didn't kiss much or touch much at all you only hugged when you were weak and you certainly hadn't slept together. You walked to his office area ever since he became lord commander you'd been even more distant, you opened but he wasn't there.

You turned on your heel and walked back out you heard a grunt that sounded like Jon? you walked out to the balcony edge outside and saw a large group of most of the nights watch men gathered around outside, You couldn't see what was going on so you padded down the stairs and ran across the snow you heard and all too familiar voice Jon he sounded weak as he quietly choked out "Oli..." and trailed off.

Confused you walked before you heard a stabbing sound like flesh being pierced by a knife Jon gasped and you bolted pushing the men out of your way to see Oli with a knife shoved into Jon's chest "for the watch" Oli said scowling your eyes welled with tears and you felt like your heart had been ripped out of your chest and kicked across the snow. "n-n-no" you stuttered they all looked at you and most didn't say anything a couple chuckled "Get the fuck out of my way!" you growled and they backed away surprised leaving Jon bleeding out on the ground.

You cried out and crawled over to him curling up next to him and sobbing "Jon no what...what have they done" you sobbed he wasn't moving and he'd stopped breathing he was gone and there was nothing you could do. You curled up in a ball wanting to end it all and lay beside him.

Next thing you know you woke up in a bed in one of the rooms at castle black not yours, you sniffle and sit up your cheeks stained with dry tears "you okay?" Sir davos asks you shake your head "where?" you choke on your sobs again "i'm sorry my dear we found you curled up beside his corpse we brought you inside so you wouldn't freeze to death" he frowned you sniffle again and shrug "what's the point on living without him" you sniffle tears pouring down your cheeks again, "Don't talk like that" a womans voice spoke up it was that red witch chick melisandra? you didn't know her very well personally you weren't interested to learn about her now.

"why?" you asked quietly cocking your head to the side, "I could try to bring him back" she replied "it might not work but I could try" she finished "then fucking do it" Mance Rayder shouted he was one of the wildlings and he got along with Jon so that worked. You sat quietly and watched as she cleaned over your dead boyfriends corpse then said the words to a spell you didn't know and did her thing.

You curled up in a ball pressing your knees to your chest and watching you didn't think it would work and didn't think you could last much longer. After about five minutes she stopped and it was silent as Mance and she left the room followed by sir davos. You just stayed curled in a ball you knew it wouldn't work you watched Ghost whimper from across the room "I know boy" you mumbled then it happened Jon woke up he took a sharp intake and sat up abruptly you screamed and rolled off the bed.

He looked intently at you breathing in and out you stay on the ground looking back at him not game to move he was alive? but how was that even possible "j-jon?" you mumbled tears pricking your eyes again. "Y-Y-N" he stuttered back wrapping two arms across his chest causing you to blush and look down at your feet. Sir davos came back in stunned and helped him up giving him his coat and Jon wrapped himself up in it and sat back down.

Melisandra walked in with an expression that said holy shit on her face, they both threw rushed questions at Jon "leave" you mumbled quietly "why?" she asked they looked at you confused
"he just came back to life maybe let him breath!" you exclaimed they left shutting the door behind them and Jon looked at you blankly then held his arms out gesturing he needed a hug he'd only done that a few times when he really needed a hug.

You walked over quietly and wrapped your arms around his midsection laying your head against his shoulder, "why would they do this?" his lip wobbled and you broke for him again "I..don't know" you replied sadly. He nuzzled into the crook of your neck "I love you" he said quietly you knew he did but he'd never said it before and you'd never said it to him "I love you too" you replied quietly and you meant it you did and it felt like you'd died when he did.

He leant in and kissed you gently you moved so you had one leg slung across his lap and one hand tangled in his hair you kissed back gently not wanting to hurt him I mean after everything you'd both been through of course there was sexual tension between the both of you that was long overdue but you'd never slept together or done anything about it maybe now was the time.

He bit your lip and that gave you the clue he wanted you, you gently climbed on his lap straddling him gently and he broke the kiss trailed butterfly kissed down your jawline and neck "you okay with this?" he asked quietly grazing your ear you moaned "only if you are" you replied softly he nodded and started to undo your gown and let his coat slip to the ground which was conveniently the only  thing he was wearing.

You trailed kisses down his chest teasing him he groaned slightly and looked at you expectantly "you don't have too" he mumbled frowning before you took him in your mouth swirling your tongue against his tip before taking him fully in your mouth and bobbing your head he moaned loudly gripping your hair.

He released and you quickly swallowed giving him a smirk he panted but cracked a smile in return. He sat you up against him and you rubbed against him earning another moan you couldn't help but giggle he wanted you and you loved teasing. He bit his lip looking at you and you blushed "what are you looking at?" you asked quizzically he smirked "the beautiful girl sitting on my lap at the moment  my one and only" he replied kissing your cheek.

You blushed at his compliment running a hand through his now messy hair, "I want to be more then just this" you say quietly staring in to space. "I want the same but first I want you" he replies his hot breath grazing  your ear sending shivers down your spines and not the bad ones. You nod slowly "are you okay with this though?" he asks you nod frantically "i'm not a virgin Jon" you roll your eyes he nods "neither but still" he replies running his hands along your bare skin leaving tingles.

He pushes you gently against the table his lips finding yours again you kiss passionately for awhile moans slipping out he slips off your undergarments gently while you wriggle to help him get them off, he runs his hands lightly over your shoulders down your chest then your stomach brushing the insides of your thighs you shiver at his touch and moan. He gently brushes his tip against your now dripping core giving you puppy eyes "I don't want to hurt you" he mumbles "you won't" you assure him kissing both his cheeks.

"Y/N are you absolutely sure?" he asks again "Jon please just do it already, I need you" you plead he nods and pushes himself inside you completely you gasp he pauses for a minute for you to adjust then starts to thrust in and out slowly you moan and scratch at his back "faster please" he doesn't say anything just moves faster you buck your hips in time with him until your both overwhelmed moaning loudly.

"Faster" you scream he obliges hitting your spot hard with every fast deep thrust you scream out again and yank his hair. He groans "fuck im close" he pants in your ear "me..too" you say in between moans. It doesn't take many more thrusts for you to come undone causing him to come undone straight after filling you up. "I...love..you..Y/N" he says in between breaths "I love you too" you breathe.

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