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Lungs bursting with each breath and mouth tasting coppery, the two wolves abandoned the dead end trail long before. The white wolf was long gone and soon they changed courses for the Alpha's abode. Picking up the pace in spite of their aching muscles. They knew their hides were on his mantle if they didn't find her, but they knew Kale would be the best at tracking her... And if anything, wouldn't she be headed there anyways?

Carter skidded to a stop inches from the front porch of the house, Kristen nearly knocking into the massive wolf. He was the first to shift, shouting for Kale Beck. His frantic tone did little to ease any of them.

Merely thirty minutes had gone by since Scarlett bolted from the school, enough time to make it to Kale's house and back to the previous location in wolf form, easily.

"Beck!" Carter attempted to drag in air to his lungs, coughing anyways. "Beck!"

Kale came out onto the porch, brows furrowed in confusion, muscles taut, ready for anything. The fresh scars dragging down his chest in complete view, fully healed, pink and tender.

"Is Scarlett here?"

All emotions left Kale's face except for one. Anger. "What?" Voice dripping pure, evil venom. "What do you mean, is Scarlett here?"

Still panting for breath, Carter got out, "Her wolf got control, she bolted..." Gasp. "We lost her trail at the lake." Another gasp. "We thought she would come here!"

"If her fucking wolf is in control, a new wolf, nonetheless..." Beck gripped at his hair. "She won't have a fucking clue on what to do or where to go."

Kristen shifted. "Alpha," She noticed the darkness in his irises. "We are losing time, we need to search for her now before-"

A shrill, unnerving howl split the air to the east, a howl that was not their own. A cry of victory.

Kale's head snapped up at the noise, more anger flooding his face like a tsunami. The prickle of fear and confusion and danger crept up Carter's neck. A haunting feeling in his gut, the hairs of his arms raising.

Without a thought, Carter and Kale shifted.


Kristen sprinted into the house to snag a shirt. Nudity wasn't taboo, but it wasn't classy either. She was buried in the Alpha's scent, noticing the choice was a bit poor as she neared the pack house.

Bursting through the doors, all common eyes fell on her, wolves
milling around within their day to day lives. Motion froze for a moment... And then they all picked up where they left off. As if someone had unpaused the movie, Kris sprung back into action. Sprinting up two flights of stairs, she found her room. The smell of her mate strong inside.

"Liam!" Bursting through the doors, she found the love of her life digging through his dresser, water dripped from his hair. No towel wrapped around his waist like his normal routine. He didn't even smell like his normal shampoo, instead she smelled...

"Hey, babe, what's the rush?" His brows furrowed. "Why do you smell like Alpha Beck?"

"I shifted at his house, stole his shirt so I could come warn-"

"You shifted at his house?" Liam looked at her funny and Kristen was getting more fidgety by the second. "Why the hell did you shift? Why aren't you at school?" His words held genuine curiosity and care but there was an underlying bite.

"Hey!" Kris hushed him. "It doesn't matter! Scarlett and Beck are in trouble, we can't find-"

A shatter followed by a scream erupted from the first floor. Kristen's eyes widened to saucers and she bolted back from the room, shifting again and nearly falling head over heels down the stairs, not even noticing how Liam didn't flinch nor move.

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