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Chapter 3


I couldn’t help but stare at the people standing in front of me.  I couldn’t decide what they were doing, or what they would do next.   Clearly, this couple were not his parents.  I mean, they looked about the same age as me, well, the girl looked even younger than me.  Biologically speaking, it was impossible for them to be his real parents.  He must be adopted, and he sees them as his parents of all intended purposes, though it made me question why such a young couple would adopt a almost grown teenager and not a child.  I shook my head, trying to clear my mind.  Most people only adopt infants or very young children so they could raise them as their own.  But these two adopted Luke.  It didn’t make any sense.  I stood there, deep in thought, trying to mentally figure out the puzzle that lay in front of me.  I finally came out of my trance when I heard someone clear their throat; everyone was staring at me, now, looking more than a bit concerned.


“Are you okay, dear?”  The short girl said, walking closer to me, as the guy followed close behind her, like he was afraid of her proximity to me.

Yeah, I’m sorry... I’m just a bit confused...  If it’s not too rude to ask, when did you adopt Luke?”  The lady’s hesitation made me feel very nervous.

“Luke, why did you bring this boy here?”  She seemed a bit annoyed, noticing that  Luke was sitting on a couch relaxing.

“I brought him here because I feel a need to have him around.  I like him.  He is a generally good person.” He was kicking off his shoes, which fell to the ground loudly

“You feel the need to have him around?  You know what to do, then.  Why are you bothering us with this?”  The man’s voice was dark and rich, and seemed very powerful.  He was obviously annoyed, and I was embarrassed somehow.

“I know, but it’s different.  He feels it too.”   When Luke said this, his ‘parents’ glanced over their shoulder at me.  I was embarrassed and uncomfortable.

“You’re a Prince.  Your mate will be a female to reproduce an heir with.”  My ears perked up as the girl spoke.

“I know this mother.  I brought him here, to be my second.   But there is something else that I can’t explain about him...”  I am sure my mouth was hanging open like a fool as I listened to their conversation.


While they were talking about being Princes, second mates, reproducing, my theory of reptilian people popped back into my head.  I became lost in my thoughts again until I realized I was being watched.  Luke and his ‘mother’ were standing a few feet in front of me, while his ‘father’ was next to a bookshelf looking deep in thought.  I took a step back when I realized they had moved so close to me.


“What about a family member?”  The man Luke claimed to be his father started walking in our direction.

“Maybe, I’m not sure about his family.  It’s a typical family, I think, but he is the oldest son, mother is too old and married to their father.  He does have a sister but she is still very young.”  Luke was not not looking at me when he was saying this stuff about me, and I was becoming very angry at him for mentioning my sister to these reptile people who might want to eat her.  “I don’t know about any type of extended family.” Luke finished speaking, as his ‘Father’ looked back at me, still deep in thought.

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