Take Me Away

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~((Chapter One))~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tears refuse to leak from my eyes, but I know something that will leak, will drip, will release these boiling emotions trying to pass the barriers that took years to build.

I go to my drawer and grab the needle, although I know this is why Isaiah left it helps too much to want to stop. I take out my razor blade and put it on my wrist, I just keep the razor there, unmoving, until I push on it hard and slide it across my wrist. I see the blood pool on my pale wrist, it drips down my arm and I feel a sick satisfaction as I watch it drip to the hardwood floor, watch it pool on the floor.

I grab the needle and push it in to my skin, pushing the plunger down, the poison pumps through my veins, reaching it's destination in mere seconds and causing my thoughts to blur. My first thought is to call my best friend Jon. For some reason, unknown to me, I press the two on my phone, I put it to my ear and I see the blood dripping from my arm to the hardwood floor. I start laughing and distantly I hear Jon ask whats wrong which makes me laugh even more because something is so funny but I don't even know what's funny anymore, the last thing I remember thinking is 'I wonder if we have any cheese?'. I wake up and see Jon standing over me with a worried expression, I try to move but groan when my head starts spinning from the movement.

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