Satan and the Schoolgirl

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Faith Johnson was a normal goody-two-shoes kind of girl. That was, until she met Logan Paxton. Only Echo Goth notices it though. Why isn't anyone else shocked as this girl goes from "Miss America" to a slutty whore? Well, Echo is, and she's going to do everything she can to find out why. But when Logan sets his eyes on her. Will she give in? Or will Logan realize her plan and dispose of her? Luckily, Echo won't have to do this by herself. She will get help from her best friends, Annalise Keiko, Elizabeth "Liz" Preston, and Court Danielson. This adventurous story will take you on a ride that twists and turns

*Author's Note*

Hey guys! Luce here! Thanks for reading this if you are! I really love this concept and I hope you will to! Vote and comment if you have any input!

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