"You ready?" Mark asked Aaron. They were playing the Gators at the University of Florida.

"Yup! I feel like I'm gonna do great!" Aaron exclaimed. Mark just chuckled.

"Go warm up." Mark said. Aaron nodded and went on the field. He saw Tyler, Quinton, and Ryan. He scowled.

"Hey Murray. I like your black eye." Tyler said. They laughed at him. Aaron just rolled his eyes.

"Yea, thanks to y'all." He said. They gave each other dirty looks, then walked away.

"At least you guys aren't going to be on the field at the same time." Isaiah said.

"Well, I'll be on the field with Quinton and Ryan, and they're just as bad." Aaron said.

"OK, PULL IT IN BULLDOGS!" Mark shouted to them. They went to the sideline and talked.

"Ok, this is what we need to watch out for: their targeting certain players and positions. Position is Quarter Back," Everyone looked at Aaron. "And the Players are Jarvis Jones and Aaron Murray." Aaron groaned. "Keep an eye on Jarvis and Aaron. Ready? 1,2,3 BULLDOGS!" They shouted. Aaron ran onto the field with the rest of the guys who were going in first. He saw Ryan and Quinton eying him.

"READY?!" Aaron shouted. He gave it to Isaiah, who threw it to Jarvis. Ryan tried to intercept it, but it was too high. It was a touch down. The Dawgs got the ball back, and went back in to their positions.

"READY?!" Aaron yelled. He threw the ball, but still got tackled by Ryan and Quinton. They hit him in the ribs. He gasped in pain and fell over. He felt tears in his eyes. He looked over at Mark and saw him yelling into the microphone. Isaiah came up behind him.

"Get up." Isaiah said. Aaron tried getting up, but he fell back down in pain. Isaiah helped him up. Aaron bent down in pain. Mark came running out to the field.

"What happened? What hurts?" Mark asked.

"Quinton and Ryan tackled me. And my ribs hurt." Aaron said, and winced in pain.

AN: Sorry for ending it shortly! I had a lot written for this story, and it all got deleted :( And sorry I haven't updated in forever! Been very busy! I actually met Aaron Murray a couple of weeks ago, and he is the sweetest! He called me beautiful! Message me if ya wanna know more :) I'll try to update soon! But school is more important :) Gonna post another story I found sitting in my drafts soon, so keep looking for more :)