Chapter 124: An Accidental Meeting on the Street

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Chapter 124: An Accidental Meeting on the Street

"Say, isn't Da Hai on winter break?" Li Shuo asked Zhou Si Hu.

"Should have been a while ago. Look, see what day is it already?"

Li Shuo looked at the calendar for a second. Astonishment immediately traced the outline of his face, "It's already the 22nd, tomorrow is Minor New Year's Day1."

"Exactly, that's why I said he's definitely on vacation already."

"It's only reasonable for him to give us a call if he's on vacation. We can go and celebrate together. And even if we don't get to meet up, a simple phone call would be sufficient."

Zhou Si Hu sighed and sluggishly replied, "Maybe he's busy with something and forgot about the two of us."

Suddenly, a devious smile spread out across Li Shuo's lips, his hand jabbed at Zhou Si Hu's arm "Hey, you think he's hiding in his room all day, sneaking around playing with his brother?"

"You...just look at yourself! You and your stupid immoral behaviors!" All of a sudden, Zhou Si Hu's hand made contact with Li Shuo's head, smacking, it, "What kind of games would two guys play together?"

Li Shuo patted his friend again, "Last time we went to their house, the two of them were leading quite a happy life ah!"

Just hearing those words caused Zhou Si Hu to burst into laughter as well. Images of the day they had all dine together flooded his head as he stroked his chin and said, "Maybe..."

"Ha ha ha..." Li Shuo stood up, calling out to Zhou Si Hu, "Go, let's go look."

Zhou Si Hu diligently followed behind.

In the car, the two drove and talked at the same time, "I especially like it when Gu Hai and Yin Zi are together. Both of them are really fun to tease."

"Yes yes yes, it's the first time seeing Da Hai being so fond of another person."

The two talked and talked until they arrived at Gu Hai's place. They rung the door bell, no one opened it; they banged on the door, no one answered; they called Gu Hai's cellphone, no one answered...finally they asked the property management personnel, who informed them that he haven't seen the owner of the place for last several days now.

"Maybe he went traveling?" Li Shuo looked at Zhou Si Hu.

Zhou Si Hu pinched his brows, "Even if he went travelling, he would at least give us a call, right?"

Just as those thoughts settled in their heads, Gu Hai's phone call came through to them.

"I'm at the army base, what's the matter?"

"You said what's the matter? You've been on vacation for such a long time and you didn't even utter a single word either of us. We even thought you were kidnapped by someone."

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