Story 1: Red Reaper

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Gyro: Intriguing at the most........... Gear?

Gear: Yes Boss?

Gyro: Bring out a Contract!

Gear: Yes boss!

Gyro: Hunt, Crush, and Flare!

Hunt: I humbly await your order!

Crush: What may Crush do for you boss?

Flare: Boss?

Gyro: I want you three to find any of the Gatash and Yatagi Mercenary Groups and eliminate them!

Gatash the Monstrous: Not if I have anything to say about it!

Yatagi the Hunter: Eezak-Taginiant! *You traitor!* Favat-Zuztch! *You will burn you pathetic fool!*

Red Reaper: Did you understand any of what Yatagi just said?

Deadshot: Yatagi was calling Gyro a traitor and that he will burn.

Red Reaper: You speak Yatagian?

Deadshot: Why are you so surprised? You've seen me speak and understand Tumagios, Gyzarian, and even Huntarian!

Red Reaper: Tumagio the Undead, Gyzar the Bloody and Juvaso the Huntarian were cruel but pathetic leaders of their Mercenary crews.

Deadshot: Easy to kill too.

Red Reaper: Yup.

Gyro: Yatagi, Gatash....... We don't have to fight.

Gatash the Monstrous: Too late Gyro!

Yatagi the Hunter: Yazak-Dufanh! *You die tonight!*

*Gatash and Yatagi pull out their weapons and point them at Gyro but before they could fire, Blade and Crack Shot bust through the doors of Gyro's Palace*

Crack Shot: Good timing?

Blade: I wouldn't think so being that Gatash and Yatagi's Mercenaries surround us.

Deadshot: *Thinking* Perfect!

Red Reaper: Deadshot?

Deadshot: Crimson Smokescreen!

*Deadshot breaks a Smokescreen leaving Yatagi, Gatash and Gyro alone in the Palace*

*At the Fireteam Crimson Tower*

Blade: Fireteam Crimson........ We have business with Gyro. Deadshot did you implant the explosives inside?

Deadshot: Yes I did.

Red Reaper: Let me know when.

*Red Reaper gets the Demolition Button from Deadshot*

Deadshot: Do it.

Red Reaper: Boom.



Deadshot: This outta give Gyro a few more reasons to hate us other than us killing his pets, his brother, sons and enslaved his daughter.

Blade: I love what we do to the Fireteam Navy. Ah the freedom of being Mercenaries that kill for sport.

Hunt: Don't get too comfortable Blade!

Red Reaper: *Pulls out his grenade launcher* What do you want Hunt?

Crack Shot: *Disappears and reappears in his sniping tower with his Sniper Rifle ready and contacts Deadshot* Let me know when Deadshot.

Deadshot: I'll inform you. *Pulls out his Experimental Mortar Cannon* Now then! Tell us why you are here!

Blade: *Pulls out his Mercenary Blades* Tread carefully Hunt. We will kill you. You have thirty seconds to convince us to not kill you. Twenty-Nine!

Hunt: My boss wants me to send you to The Civilization Zone to kill off Yatagi and Gatash's Politicians.

Deadshot: What's in it for us?

Hunt: We don't kill you.

Deadshot: We'll take it.

Hunt: Really?

Deadshot: I love killing everything with everything at my disposal and besides we had an accord with Gyro.

Hunt: Really?

Deadshot: No. *Pulls out his Experimental Pistol and pulls the trigger and blows Hunt's brains out* Now eliminate the rest of the Fireteam Navy.

Red Reaper: Crush is said to be in Zone 24, Angle 47.

Deadshot: I'll take him out.

Red Reaper: I have a better idea. Leave that zone and the rest of Civilization Zone in ashes. I rigged everything in that area to explode. Incapacitate Crush then teleport back Deadshot.

Deadshot: Got it.

*At Civilization Zone*

Deadshot: Crush!

Crush: Crush squish you like bug!

Deadshot: Really? Here's a gun to your knee! *Pulls the trigger of his Experimental Mortar Cannon and blows off Crush's leg*

Crush: Crush kill you for that!

Deadshot: Yeah yeah Crush can you understand this! *Flips off Crush as he teleports* NOW RED REAPER!!!!

*Red Reaper blows up Civilization Zone with Crush in it*

*In the Year 2037*

Crack Shot: I've got something to tell you guys. Red Reaper has finished his story. Now I'll tell you guys my personal favorite story from our adventures. Deadshot remember when you and I were stranded in The Land of the Shadows?

Deadshot: Oh! The Forbidden City in Lastria!

Crack Shot: That was awesome!

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