Chapter 10

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Katherine's POV
We walked into the Salvatore house together, again earning strange looks from those occupying it.

"Do you two live together now, or something?" Damon said, cocking his head in our direction.

I ignored his comment and instead headed over to the table, which was even messier than the previous day, now littered with maps and town charters along with books and journals found earlier.

Elena and I exchanged a look as we took a seat. We both knew this study session wasn't going anywhere.

Caroline started the meeting, all business.

"So, we've learned all we can about this demon. It's in no actual books, just in real life encounters, and it's pretty terrifying and there's no way to stop it."

"Thank you for the play by play of shit we already know." I said, folding my arms over my chest.

At the same time, Elena kicked me under the table, giving me a pointed look when I glanced over at her.

Bonnie continued with what Caroline had started.

"Caroline and I did some thinking last night, and we've figured out that there's absolutely no way we can get everyone safe. There's no protection spell I can do to keep the demon out, and there's no way to protect the townspeople."

Elena sighed.

"So there's no solution?"

"Not necessarily." Stefan replied, standing up to get a glass of whiskey from the nearby table.

"Damon and I figured that if we can't protect the townspeople, then best thing to do is quarantine the afflicted."

"We don't have any space for that, last time I checked, Einstein." I said, leaning back onto the couch.

This was going to be just like last time, I could already tell. People tried to stop it the last time I was here as well. They came up with elaborate plans and researched for days, to no avail.

"Katherine, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all." Damon said, rolling his eyes in my direction.

"Look who's talking." I muttered, but shut up nonetheless.

"Am I done being interrupted?" Stefan said, fist clenching around his whiskey glass.

No one responded, so he continued with his speech.

"We do have space. Damon and I decided to offer up this house for the time being. We can start out putting people in the dungeons and maybe the attic, and work from there. We will just stay somewhere else."

"And while everyone's in here, I'll work on finding a cure." Bonnie cut in.

"I've collected a lot of grimouers over time, I just need time to look over them. One of them is sure to have a cure for mind control by a supernatural force."

"While Bonnie's doing that, what to we do?" Elena asked. She was starting to relax more. The plan sounded foolproof, I just wasn't sure how foolproof it would be.

"We collect the afflicted, trap them in here, we try to keep people safe from the demon and the victims." Damon said.

"And we try not to get afflicted ourselves." I mumbled.

"It all sounds perfect." Caroline said quietly.

"It always does. You just never know how perfectly it will work out." I said, louder than my last comment.

That made the room fall into an uncomfortable silence as we all pondered the harsh reality that we were about to fall in to.

Stefan cleared his throat, breaking the thick silence of the room.

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