Finding Myself - Chapter 8

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She was sinking, sinking into oblivion.

Groaning, I tried to move, but my body was aching as if someone had battered me and bruised me in all the places of the body they could think of.

Lifting my hand with what little strength I had left, I rolled off to the bed of kelp next to me. KELP?

"What the hell?" I tried saying as I opened my eyes, but it only came out as a garbled string of bubbles.

And then it came crashing down at me, Buckbeak and the Dementors that were chasing us before I drowned... But how on earth was I still alive?

Looking around, I saw nothing at all, just darkness and more darkness that seemed to stretch on for eternity. I shivered involuntarily as I thought of how I could escape.

As I groped through the tangled vines on my hands and knees, I soon realised that this was a dead end, the path I had taken led up to a deep crack running down the ground and seemed to swallow everything above it. Shuddering, I took a step back, right into the tentacles of some creature whose big saucer-like luminescent eye was currently sizing me up for a palatable treat. This must be the Giant Squid everyone's scared of, at least I've lived long enough to see it.

As I shut my eyes, waiting for its tentacles to bundle me up and pull me into the squid's beak, I felt a sharp shove in my back and before I knew it, I was tumbling into the darkness of the crevice below...

The second time, consciousness came to me in a crashing wave, I got up with a jolt, my head and heart pounding. But this time, my surroundings were different. There was water, water everywhere. No, not like the lake. This was different. Everything was grey, damp and reeked of rotten eggs - there was even a carcass of some long serpentine creature and some very human-like bones. But somehow, this felt vaguely familiar, I had been here before. Before I could puzzle out my surroundings any further, there was a scream and a big thud from somewhere in this big chamber. Chamber. Now that rang a bell. A big serpent, Fawkes swooping in, Ginny knocked out cold and that weird Hogwarts' student. Flashes of broken memories replayed in my mind like a stop-motion frame. I looked around once more and suddenly, I realised I was in the Chamber of Secrets.

Harry must be here somewhere, I thought. But I was with Harry when we came to save Ginny. I frowned, something was amiss. Loud footsteps broke my reverie and looking in the direction of the noise and to my greatest relief, I saw Harry and not so comfortingly, me as well. Am I dead then? I mused.

No, you're not dead.
Wait, who is this? Who are you?
All will be known in good time. The voice paused, and then said, For now, you can think of me as a mentor.
But what for? I don't need a mentor.
Again, your answers will have to wait, little one. All shall be revealed soon.
But why am I here?
Now that is something I can answer, you need to find yourself.
And what is that supposed to mean?
You need to recognise yourself, see your real purpose here, little one. You are meant to be much more than a witch. Your destiny affects us all.
I don't understand, how am I even important?
You will realise soon enough. For now, I will just guide you to find yourself.

I frowned, not at all understanding the cryptic conversation I'd had with...I don't even know. But yes, it was true, although I tried hard to be happy with the life that I had, sometimes, I just didn't feel I belonged. The idea that I had a bigger purpose thrilled me, yet daunted me of the possibility of having a bigger responsibility. I wasn't ready for all that yet. For now, this would have to do. Mission: Finding Myself.

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