Beauty and the Nefarious Beast

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A long time ago, when I was a young, arrogant, and selfish bastard, a woman once told me that someone would come into my life and wreck havoc on it, bringing me to my knees. She revealed to me that my life will change drastically in a single instant, and at the time I brushed her off and told her she was a lunatic.

I realize now that the woman was right, someone did come into my life and bring me to my knees.

That person's name is Belle. Belle Marceaux.

She came into my life, begging to trade her life as my prisoner for another's. But, I had completely forgotten about the woman's other warning.

I didn't realize, though, that it was my future with Belle that would change in a single, ordinary moment.


I stood anxiously rocking back and forth on my back paws in my darkened room, watching Belle hold onto my magical mirror with a white knuckled grasp, her teeth gnawing on her lower lip.

I glanced around my tattered room, embarrassed and ashamed for her to see the mess and disaster I created.

The four-postered bed hung in tatters, the dark wood splintered. The blue curtains were shredded to dainty ribbons by my claws. The few paintings on the walls were slashed beyond recognition.

I shook my head in disgust and turned back to Belle.

The bright flash of green light shined on her face as she peered into the magical mirror. She flinched away as it blinded her, then turned back as the image she conjured appeared.

Her lovely face contorted in horror and shock. "Oh no, Papa! No, don't hurt him!" She shouted.

She looked up at me with her soulful brown eyes, anger churning in their depths. "The villagers are torturing him! Gaston, the baker..all of them!" Tears filled Belle's eyes as she looked back into the magic mirror.

Gaston? The notorious conceited playboy, who happened to be obsessed with Belle? Why would he do this to Belle, knowing how important her father is to her?

My brow furrowed, and my eyes fell to the floor as I thought of why he would do such a thing against her, but hearing Belle sniffle, I looked up and focused on her again.

"I have to go to him! He needs me! Please, Beast!" Belle begged. She turned towards me, grabbing my jacket in her little fists.

I sucked in a surprised breath. This wasn't how the night was supposed to end... Why now of all times? I planned to confess my love for Belle, hoping that she too loved me in return. Then the curse would be broken and we could start planning our future together. But...How could I refuse her? The one woman who was meant for me, the one who was destined to break the curse cast upon me so many years ago?

My paws clenched into big fists at my sides, my claws digging bloody holes into my flesh, and I turned away from Belle.

Multiple emotions swirled through me as I realized what I had to do.





I had to let her go. She needed to leave, even though I would remain a beast for eternity. No. It doesn't matter.

The curse could kiss my furry ass.

As long as Belle was safe and happy, I couldn't care less what I looked like.

Don't get me wrong, I longed to become human again.

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