What Colton wants to do to Jade up top.

(💎Jade's POV💎)



"You know damn well why I'm here. I go into Giants, to get some things for my self before this meeting, smell the most delicious scent, and when you saw me, you ran. You think I'm gonna let you go, after I've been searching for you my entire life!?"

His tone is possessive, and dominant, but to be honest it's turning me on.

"The thing is, I don't fucking want you and I'll never will. I don't need a mate when I'm next in line to take over Yellow Stone Pack, you ass!" I yell.

"Don't fucking cuss at me," he growls.

"Bitch. As. Nigga."

His eyes turn black and snatches me by my waist.

Colton puts his lips on mine, but I push him away.

The other hoes out there wish they could have him, but he was the only thing on Earth that I wouldn't share.

I might not have feelings for him, but my wold did, she just doesn't want to admit it.

And she made me insanely jealous when I smelled another scent on him.

"Mine," He growled against my lips.

"Yours," I say,- no Peyton says.

Me: Damn you hoe! Why did you say that? I ask her.

To let him think that we're gonna let him have control over us, but last time I checked, this fool wasn't our damn dad!

You clever little bitch!"

I laugh in my head. Colton attacks my neck, sparks flying with every little kiss that he places.

I bite back a moan, so he doesn't know that I'm enjoying this. My turn, I think to myself.

I use my wolf speed to stop Colton, shift, and run away.

I can here Colton and Corbin, Samuel's mate, talking, but right now I need to get away from him right now.

(☇Colton's POV☇)

"Don't say it," I told him.

"What?" Corbin tries to play innocent.

"As soon as you get the chance, you'll rub it into my face that you told me so, and I shouldn't have given that human from San Francisco 'some'," I run my hand through my hair, messing it up a little.

"Bro, but I told you! The Moon Goddess gave you a mate after all...and she hella fine too." Corbin wolf whistled.

Must go after mate!

My wolf yelled in my head.

By the time I'm done this conversation, I'll give you full control so we can retrieve her. I wouldn't let her run off, if I knew I couldn't catch her.

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