Chapter 6

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"Sawyer Armstrong please report to the principal's office."

I had waited patiently all hour to hear those exact words. I knew they were coming but as I sat on the edge of my seat anticipating the loudspeaker to buzz on I couldn't help but feel excited. And yet, even as the words were spoken, my body did the exact opposite of relax. I sat up further in my seat and followed Sawyer with my eyes as he walked over to the door with his usual swagger before disappearing into the hallway.

Alright Danny, channel your inner third grade peter pan acting part.

I leaned back in my seat and turned my body toward Josh, who's eyes were glued to the seat that Sawyer had vacated. "Did you hear what happened?"

Josh's friend looked between the two of us with wide eyes. "Apparently he got caught sending dirty text messages to a teacher. I heard she's getting the cops involved," I told them.

Josh's face was priceless. "And I heard another student was involved! Isn't that sick?"

Before I gave myself away with the smile that was starting to tug at the corner of my lips, I turned to the front of my room and waited. It would just be any minute now...

"Josh Palmer please report to the Principal's office."

Oh the benefits of being friends with the office lady...

"Holy crap you're in deep shit," the friend whisper hissed from behind me.

Josh's chair squeaked as he stood up. "I told you not to send him the number. They traced it back to you!"

"Coach is going to kill me. If I can't play during baseball season then--"

"Josh shouldn't you be heading somewhere?" the teacher said.

I turned around just in time to see Josh slowly nod his head. His feet dragged against the floor as he moved closer and closer to what I assumed he thought was his impending doom. As soon as he was out the door I was up and walking toward the teacher's desk, a fake smile plastered across my face.

"May I please go to the bathroom?"

She looked up at me from her computer and nodded her head, barely glancing back as I hurried toward the door. Truthfully, I had no idea what Sawyer had planned after this point. We had only begun to draw out our plans when my mom called and asked me to get home and take care of Leah. She was having terrible mood swings and morning sickness all throughout the day and my mom couldn't get anyone to cover her shift at the hospital. I begged Sawyer to text me the final plans but he said he'd take care of everything on this own.

The anticipation was killing me.

"Screw you!"

My ears perked at the sound of someone shouting. Actually, that someone sounded an awful lot like Josh...

I rounded the corner in the hallway just in time to see Sawyer launch himself at Josh, their bodies colliding with a sickening crunch as they crumpled to the floor in a heap. Sawyer moved much faster than Josh did, landing three hard punches to the second baseman's jaw before he could even move his hands up to protect himself.

"What the hell is going on!" I screamed.

Sawyer looked up at me just as I pressed my hands to his chest and shoved him off of Josh. He was so surprised that he lost balance and stumbled back, his hands coming up to break his fall.

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