17• Lift Me Up

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"Whatever!" Miyah said.

"Yo!" Alex said as he stood up.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Who tryna go to the movies around midnight?" He asked.

"All of us!" Jacqueline said. "What movie?"

"Deadpool!" Jay shouted.

"Yeah!" We all started chatting about how people said the movie was good.

"Alright, alright! Deadpool it is but y'all buying ya own damn tickets." Alex sat back down.

"You down chaperone?" Jamal asked as he elbowed Jesse's side.

"Man! Of course, I ain't lame and don't call me no chaperone! Boy I ought ta fuck you up. I'm a homie with more power."

"The homie with more power is down!" Jamal shouted. We all cheered and got up.

"Y'all funny. We gotta get back to the hotel now. We have one more thing and then you all can go home and eat ass." Jesse said as he looked down at the message on his phone.

"Who eating ass!?" Jacqueline asked with an attitude.


"Yeah, ya mamas ass!" She flipped her hair.

We busted out laughing and went back to the car.

• 12:42 p.m •

"I don't wanna gooooo! This group is so fun!" I whined and leaned on Jesse. We huddled in a group outside the parking lot while everyone else was getting in their car to go home or doing the same thing we're doing.

"Me neither to be honest. We chill as fuck! We're already a family and chasing our dreams becoming artist. Nothing is stopping me-nothing is stopping us." Jacqueline said.

"Right! Y'all gonna be busy?" Jay asked.

"Busy when?" Jesse asked.

"Right now. We have a bunch of time before the movies."

"Nah. I mean, it's a Saturday. Saturday means chill day." Alex said.

"Same." Everyone said.

"OOO! I know a laser tag place a couple minutes away from here we can go to just to kill time." Jamal said.

"Cool, but I need to head home and change." I said as I brushed hair out of my face.

"Why? What's wrong with what you have on?" Jesse asked.

"Nigga, you wear all black to a laser tag-"

"True!!! I'm slow! Alright, once we all get changed we gonna meet up over here. We should all be here by 1:30."

"Jesse you're such an idiot!" I laughed and nudged him.

"Got you, Jesse. See y'all later!" We went separate ways.

I opened the car door and Jacques was in the drivers seat with a scowl on his face tapping his left foot.

"Hey Ja- what's wrong wit chu? Leah turned you down?" I put on my seatbelt and he started the car.

"You got jokes." He said.

._. "You not laughing so...why you looking like someone ate the food you hid in the fridge? Was you're group bad?"

"Mm mm." We got onto the highway about to go to my place.

"Ok, I'm done guessing. What is wrong with you?"

"The real question is, what is wrong with you?" He looked at me then looked back at the road.

"Me!? Let me know! What's wrong with me? I don't see anything wrong! You obviously see something wrong so tell me!" I raised my voice getting aggravated by his attitude.

"Calm down, Miss Jesse you're such an idiot." He mocked my voice and laugh.

"This is what you're salty about!? How fucking stupid! We're getting to know each other! Everyone is and you're getting mad because I'm trying to get along with my group? You get mad because I get on you about Leah you told me to back off so I did but now it's ok for you to pop out of the cut mad as hell about Jesse, my soon boss!?"

"It's not even like that so tone that shit down!"

"It is exactly like that! If it isn't then what is it?" I yelled.

"Chill the fuck out!"

"I'm chill! I'm cool as fuck but not when you come out of god knows where talking about a nigga I work with saying that something is going on." I sucked my teeth.

"Alright! Whatever, it's not even that deep so Imma leave it alone."

"Good idea, even though you're the one that started this."

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