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August, two and a half years later


"All lined up, in perfect rows

By the picket fence where they used to grow..."


"What are you thinking about, Levi?" you muttered, eyes flitting over every calm detail of his face; from his soft closed eyelids, to the relaxed line of his mouth.

That was a question you two often asked each other, what are you thinking about. You were laid on a blanket in the backyard, you on top of him with your arms over his chest and your chin resting on them; Levi held tightly onto your left hand, playing with the ring there.

"The fact that you are going to be Mrs. Levi Ackerman tomorrow," he muttered, opening his eyes and bringing his free hand up to brush it through your hair. "What about you?"

"The fact that you invited those...girls...to our wedding," you groaned, looking off angrily to the side.

Levi chuckled, a smirk on his lips. "I only did it to rub it in their shitty faces."

It was silent between you two for a moment; you could feel his eyes on your face.

"It feels like forever since then," you noted.

Levi hummed in agreement, "it's better that way, though. It gave us a chance to move on, and build our relationship again."

You nodded, "you've changed a lot since then."

"I almost lost you..." he muttered, you sighed as you looked back into his eyes; all of his sadness, guilt and regret forever smouldered there. "I couldn't've lived with myself if you left me. Though I wouldn't have blamed you if you did..."

"Oh, Levi," you sighed, bringing his hand to your lips. "I would've let you keep doing that, as awful as it sounds –"

"I wish you'd left sooner," Levi said abruptly. "But I'm glad you left me when you did."

"You're the only man I know who's happy about his girlfriend leaving him," you giggled, watching as the wind caught his ebony tresses and pulled them to shine in the blotchy sunlight under the tree. Levi didn't smirk or smile, not even a chuckle to be heard; just his usual stoic mask.

"I needed you to leave..." he said, trailing off; his eyes floating to stare at the tree's leaves.

You pulled your hand out of his, resting it on his cheek to rub it with your thumb – this pulled his eyes back to yours. "Don't know what you've got 'til it's gone, and all that?"

This Levi did chuckle at as he returned the favour, laying his hand on your cheek. "Exactly. If you'd gone sooner, maybe things wouldn't've gotten so bad."

You shrugged, a hand moving to gently caress the tiny scar over his right eye. "But maybe you wouldn't've been so in love with me, if I left sooner. Maybe you really wouldn't've cared, and tried to find me..."

Levi pulled your hand away, taking a moment to press his lips to your palm, before folding your hands back together.

"Even if you'd left me from the start," he said evenly. "Before anything happened, I still would have ran after you. – I've never told you, and you know I think love at first sight is a load of shit...but I did love you, as soon as I saw you that day at the bar."

You could hear the reluctance in Levi's voice, a very faint pink tint staining his cheeks. But he held your eyes as strongly as he ever did. A soft smile spread across your lips as you leaned up to kiss him before returning to your previous position.

"What did you like about me?" you asked him, rolling your head to the side. Levi returned to playing with your hair.

"You were...different," he said, his eyes seemed lost in the memory. "I remember wondering what you were doing there, sitting on that dirty bar stool in such a nice dress. A bar and brothel was no place for a dress like that. But then what's-her-name went over, already drunk as hell, and started screaming about it being her birthday or some shit –"

"Yes, but what did you like, Levi? Why me?" you chuckled, remembering well the night.

Levi was quiet a moment, pondering as he stared at you; a touch of a smile pulled at his lips.

"You were...quiet," he said in a thoughtful tone, it was hard to pick just one thing that caught his attention. "Everyone else was so loud, like a bunch of hell's demons running around me. But you were sat so still in all the chaos, just staring at the table."

"I was hoping not to get noticed," you said nonchalantly, "I'm awful with dealing with drunk people. Guess I was lucky you could hold your liquor."

"But you know what really got me?" Levi asked. You raised an eyebrow, shaking your head. "It was that first time seeing that stupid crooked smile of yours – don't try and play dumb, you know the one."

You chuckled, and then gave him the crooked smile; the one where one side of your mouth was pulled higher than the other.

"This stupid smile?" you asked, and Levi nodded.

"That stupid smile."

You leaned up, touching your noses together. "It's your stupid smile now."

Levi placed his hand on the back of your neck as he pulled your lips to his. He gave you a long chaste kiss, followed by a few shorter ones. You heart pounded in your chest, and you could feel his thunderous heart under yours.

"Thank you for waking me up," muttered Levi, before kissing you again.

A smile pulled at your occupied lips, butterflies fluttering through you.

You kissed Levi back, a surge of love flooding through you both. You and Levi kept falling in love with each other over and over again.

It was magical.

And this was only one warm little part of forever.


"Where I'd hold your hands and you'd hold me close."


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