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"So keep me close and never stray 

I'll promise you the same.

If we should fall we'll rise again 

And never place the blame..."


    "Alright, what the hell?!" That was Jean's voice as he stormed down the hall, Marco trying fruitlessly to stop him. "What kind of shithead are you that you think [Name]'s just gonna go prancing back to you like nothing happened?!"

"This isn't your fight, Kirstein, stay out of it!" snapped Levi, pulling away from you to glare at Jean.

"You're in my apartment, smartass, and we're not at work so you're not my boss," Jean spat, arms crossed as he and Levi glared at each other (although, his glare was already starting to falter).

"Stop it, the both of you," you said, going to stand between them. You turned to Jean with a meaningful smile. "Look, Jean, you're my friend and I know you're only looking out for me but this is between me and Levi. And, yes, we are in your apartment but still..."

"Jean," Marco insisted, grabbing Jean's arm. "Leave them be –"

"Sorry, Marco," Jean said, pulling his arm out his grip. "But there's no way in hell – [Name] are you out of your damn mind? You're seriously just going to go back to him, after what he's done?"

"I," you started, flinching. "I haven't decided yet."

"Do really trust what he says enough to guarantee he'll never cheat again?! Do you have that much faith in him? How much of an idiot would you have to be?!" insisted the duel toned man, his arms going out to the sides to emphasize his point.

Levi growled to this, his muscles tensing and fists clenching. "Don't call her an idiot, horse face!"

Jean's glare turned to Levi as he stepped closer to him. "But you know I'm right!"

Levi didn't say anything to this.

You didn't know whether or not to muster a glare up, or who to send it to. You loved Levi, with all of your heart. You adored him so much it hurt, and it wasn't Jean's place to judge your decision, but at the same time – it was true.

Jean had a point.

Levi did hurt you, unfathomably so.

You ran your hands through your hair, searching the carpet for answers as you began to pace again. Tightness began to coil in your chest, questions racing through your mind.

Was Levi worth this?

Was he telling the truth?

Would he stick to his word?

A million questions sling-shotted through your mind, ricocheting off of one another. You felt a panic attack try and seize you, but you took a deep breath and pushed it away. Even with your numb knees, you still somehow found the strength to keep your pacing. You knew if you sat you'd just – give up.

Jean was the first to break the silence. "Have you ever cared, or even considered how she's felt through all of this?! Can you even understand how much she's hurting? You can ask her what she's thinking, but what about how she feels?!"

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