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"And even if you walk away from me I'll still be with you

Maybe when our hearts have healed we'll find some comfort then..."


       Levi clipped the greasy man with thinning yellow hair in the side with tip of his steel-toed boot. Chuck quickly retaliated, punching Levi back and splitting his lip. Levi could just make out the muffled shuffling of heels as all of the women filed out of the room.

"You were more than happy, if you remember, Levi," stated Chuck, giving Levi a bloody grin. "You knew what it meant when you kept seeing my girls behind her back."

"Your slimy ass encouraged me when I asked what the hell I should do!"

Levi swung again, catching Chuck under his chin.

"You never change, do you Levi?" sighed Chuck through his clench teeth. "Always blaming somebody else for your misery?"

Levi just barely dodged Chuck's kick.

"You just wanted my fucking money, to keep this grimy place open." Levi began to circle in time with Chuck, the two men locking scowls.

"Aw, Levi, now you're just getting off topic."

Suddenly, Chuck struck out, catching Levi in the eye.

Levi stepped back, gently placing a hand over his eye. He forced out a humourless chortle, and then returned to circling with the man again. "Am I really? You were the one who said I could have my fucking whiskey and drink it too!

Levi lashed out again, this time sending the man to floor.

"You knew the repercussions if you were caught, Levi, you can't pin that on me," growled Chuck, glaring up at Levi.

The short man harshly planted a foot on the other man's chest, pushing down on it. Levi glared silver daggers straight through Chuck's eyes, "'Have all of the beautiful girls you can handle,' you said 'no attachment needed! It'll get your mind off of the naïve girl ya got at home! Why stick to one dame anyway? When there are so many beauties in the world! You're a man, Levi, take 'em all – no harm done!' But unlike your old bitch, [Name]'s got some fucking brains in her skull. You fucking used me to keep this shit hole going!"

"Since when have I ever needed you, Ackerman? I can keep this place run –" started Chuck, who let out a gurgling sound when Levi slammed his heel down into his stomach.

"You were one payment away from letting the bank shut you down, when you met me. You begged me, like the street scum you are, to sleep with Lexi that first time. I was one of the only guys willing to pay her that fucking much. And when I threatened to stop coming here, because of [Name], you fucked with my head! But you know what, Charles, I'm not falling for it again."

"You were street scum too, Levi, once upon a time," grunted Chuck, hands gripping Levi's boot as he tried fruitlessly to move it.

"That was a hell of a long time ago, Chuck, we all know better know," said Levi flatly.

The short man didn't hold back as he beat Chuck, punching and kicking him until he was bloodied but alive. When Chuck lay groaning on his stomach, unable to move, Levi stood menacingly over him with his arms crossed. Levi kicked him once more, to flip him on his back.

"You tell anyone who did this, I'll get some old pals of mine to fucking blow your brains out. The same goes for the girls too," growled Levi. "Though, for a pathetic urchin like you, it might be a blessing."

Levi turned on his heel striding towards the door.

"She must be a hell of a girl to get you in a tizzy, Ackerman," groaned Chuck breathlessly as he looked over at Levi. "You haven't beat me like this since...that fight between you and Greg I had to split up. You were drunk off your ass, and pissed as the devil himself. Good to see you're still passionate about something."

"[Name]," Levi sighed, and then let out a chuckle. A real one. "She's something else. – Good luck, Chuck."

"Oh, and Levi –" started Chuck, "I don't want you around here again."

Levi looked slightly over his shoulder then, a smirk tugging at his lips.

He then wordlessly left the room, tossing a glare at the girls as they watched him leave. Nobody in the bar, especially those as regular as Levi had been, said anything. Levi only tossed a 'keep shithead out of trouble' to the bartender before he left.

Settled back in his car, Levi found he was back to square one.

You were still MIA.

But now his head and hands hurt, and he was more than ready to have you wrapped up in his arms again. By then, Levi didn't care if you cursed him out when you saw him – he deserved it. He deserved every glare and cold shoulder you could give, every harsh word you could utter. He deserved a good slap, even a punch of your own.

Who knew, maybe he'd even bring you to take a swing at Chuck one day.

Levi backed out of his spot and made a fast exit from the parking lot, feeling eyes on him from the upper floors. Once safely back out on the main road, he began to ponder who to call next.

Someone had to know where you were.

And that's when the idea struck him – like the bat that hit the top of his windshield a few minutes before, and rolled along the top of his car before flying back into the night (creating yet another smudge mark for him to clean).

Who better to ask than the pair that knew everything?

Levi pulled alongside the road, and scroll through his phone contacts until he got to Marco Bott.

Marco and Jean knew everything about everyone, even if they didn't admit it. Maybe it was because Marco was so easy to get along with, everyone just trusted him with everything. So then, of course, he'd tell Jean about it; they were married right after Gay Marriage was legalized and had been together for ages before that, after all.

If Marco and Jean didn't know where you were, then the search was utterly hopeless.

Levi pressed the call button next to Marco's name, and impatiently waited while the call dialled through. When the line connected, Levi expected to hear a greeting from the other end. Instead, just rustling and mutters greeted his ears.

"...[Name] be okay?..." he could just barely hear Marco say.

There was more shuffling before Jean replied, "she'll...fine. Why...worried...?"

Levi closed his eyes, listening intently to the males' conversation.

"I...her...crying..." muttered Marco's voice, a yawn attached.

"...she...fine...apartment...guestroom...stay...her..." said Jean.

Levi's eyes shot open, ending the call immediately, and hoping with everything that he'd understood right.

You were staying at Jean and Marco's apartment.

The last place, he realized, you'd ever expected he'd look.


"If everything we built upon the hill slowly dismantled

Could we find the time it takes to build it up again..."

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