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"You told me once just isn't enough.

So I'll keep on trying to double it up..."


    Your chest tightened as you deliberated the meaning of Levi's words. You'd 'freaked the shit out' of him and he was concerned about you getting axe murdered.

Still, he could've been talking out of his ass.

But there was something about that 'please' at the end that got to you. It went through your heart and your head like a spear. He truly sounded like he was begging, like there was something weighing on his mind.

A few silent tears slid down your face as you touched your phone to your forehead.

"Please, don't chase me, Levi," you whined in a hoarse whisper. "I couldn't bare it."

More silent tears slid down your face.

Shouldn't you have run out of tears by now?

Especially tears for him.

But you loved him.

With everything you were, you loved him.

Levi could snap at you, say whatever harsh thing he wanted to you, call you whatever he wanted – and you still loved him.

Levi was a hard man to love. He was sheltered, and closed off. But you'd found him easy to deal with, unlike the other girls you'd learned he'd tried to have something like that with. You just needed to worm your way in a particular fashion, treat him with a certain amount of understanding and let him warm up.

After you'd melted away the outer coating, it was easy to see the soft flesh beneath.

Even if you didn't always get along, even if he did sleep with those other girls, you two still had a mental connection that those others could never hope to have. Levi's mind was your own secret place, somewhere he allowed you to dive into whenever you wanted. He was a whole other world, so full of secrets and pain and passion.

Not that he'd ever show anyone.

You were lucky enough to be able to get through most of those thick layers of skin. To have the privilege of revealing him piece by piece until you could tell his stories like they were your own.

Levi was a beautiful painting of dark hues and jewel tones, spattered with neon.

But it took someone special to see his hidden streaks of soft pastels, and be able to add their own colours to him.


"You said stay where you are, stay where I can see you.

Be true to your heart, it's about what you can get through for me..."

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