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One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail - Sample Chapters

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One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail - © 2016 Kevin James Breaux.

All rights reserved.

One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail

Kevin James Breaux

Copyright © 2016 Kevin James Breaux

All rights reserved.

Editor: Gretchen Stelter of Cogitate Studios

Cover Artwork: Shawn Ignatius Tan Cover

Design: Kevin James Breaux

The Past is Not Always The Past

Sabrina dreamt about that night all the time. Sometimes tiny details were changed—the kind of car she was driving, the name of the corporation she targeted, the amount of animals she saved—but it always ended the same. After so much excitement, so much thrill and pleasure, she always forgot to pick up Cade's camera. That stupid fucking camera.

She remembered every detail about it: its brand, its resolution, the lens size, that it was made in Japan. It haunted her so much that she had bought several cameras identical to it since, just to smash them to bits. Her first therapist said that it might help, but except for giving her a brief moment of delight when the tiny circuit boards and chips spilled from the cameras like a slasher-film victim's guts, it really did nothing to alleviate the pain of the past.

The dream came tonight shortly after she'd collapsed in bed half-naked and fully drunk—at least she was alone and not making another mistake like the one she had made with the new host of American Idol Replay.

Sabrina had wanted to touch herself, but her hand only made it as far as her lower stomach, her long, pink and white fingernails just inside her panties, before she passed out. However there could still be satisfaction to come. The dream was not entirely bad, after all. It may have featured the catalyst to the worst night of her life, but it also contained some of the best sex she'd ever had.


Sabrina dashed across the parking lot, looking between the mesmerizing flicker of a dying street lamp and the building behind her. The emptiness of the parking lot, the stillness of the air—it all seemed surreal, like something out of an old horror film. But she was not afraid of movie monsters—not when she knew real ones existed.

Sabrina was out of breath, both panicked and energized. She coughed harshly for a moment, irritated to have the exhilaration of the moment ruined by her hack. I really need to fucking quit smoking. She took one last glance behind her at the pharmaceutical corporation's lab. There was no alarm blaring, no flashing security lights; they had succeeded. Those poor lab animals were finally going to be safe.

"Tell me again, Cade, why you made me park so freaking far away?"

"I destroyed the surveillance cameras on the east side of the building where the loading docks are, but that pink car of yours... it's like a damned billboard advertising America's sweetheart, Sabrina London, is here," her boyfriend replied.

It had only been six months since they'd met, but it felt like longer. As much as she hated the term "whirlwind romance," it applied to the two of them. It had been the best six months of her life. She was in love, but she wasn't sure if he knew that yet or felt the same. The undead—their emotions could be nearly impossible to read, even for someone as empathic as her.

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