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When I woke, I was in Kellan's bed, in his arms. He had curled them around me and held me against his chest. The sheets had been pushed off to the floor and our legs were entangled together, poking just over the end of the bed.

"I am bonded to her."

I shivered as those words came back to me. He had looked at me, looking straight through me, claiming me when he said, "You're mine, Shay."

He seemed so angelic when he slept. His eyelashes were long, the tips resting on the skin underneath his eyes. Delicate. Then his cheekbones angled outwards, drawing the eye to his lips.

I touched his lips and wondered what they would feel like?

Then I realized what I was doing—I was checking out my brother, no—he wasn't. Clasping my eyes shut, I buried my head underneath the pillow and let out a silent groan. Too much had changed and I no longer knew how I felt about anything, even Kellan who wasn't really my brother, but something else entirely. It was too much, at least that early in the morning. Figuring that I could sort through everything later, I knew a trip to the bathroom was more pertinent so I slipped out from underneath his arm.

I took a moment to breathe once I had closed his bathroom door. So much had happened, too much. Looking up, I gasped when I saw my reflection. My hair had been black before, but it was a light colored brown now. Streaks of blonde had appeared and my mouth fell open when I fingered through the strands. Then I felt my cheeks. A blush seemed to have permanently appeared on my face. My skin tone had been pale before and it was now a golden tan with a slight pink color over my cheekbones.

Suddenly, my arm started to burn and I looked down to push up my sleeve. The silver line was still there, broken away from the other brown ones. I couldn't believe that it had changed too or maybe that was why all these other changes had happened. I traced the tattoo slowly, wondering what other events had changed because the messenger broke free from me.

Then a different thought crossed my mind. Why hadn't Kellan said anything—when had he noticed my appearance changes? I turned, intending to ask him, when I saw something else in the mirror. My eyes widened and I sucked in my breath. My green eyes were no longer green. They had a smoky color to them now. The green was still there, but in the background. I shivered, feeling spooked.

How had I missed that the first time?

Shaking my head, not feeling good about any of it, I returned to the room, but found that Kellan had gone downstairs. Fine—I headed to my room instead. But when I got inside and changed into a white tank top and blue jean shorts, someone knocked at my door. It was a tentative knock and I knew who that was. Opening my door and finding Gus on the other side, looking a little sheepish, I knew my guess had been right.

She hadn't talked to me since yesterday at the lake, when I called out Kellan, but it hadn't been before that since the night she had killed Dylan's family. From the hesitant look on her face, how she had both her hands wrapped in the white afghan shirt that hung on her, I was guessing that she still didn't want to talk to me.

"This is going to be good," I mused, moving out and holding the door wider for her.

She came inside, slowly, and sat on the edge of my bed.

I turned and regarded her. "What's up, Gus?"

Her eyes had been looking around my room, skirting around, but then she looked at me and gasped. "Your hair!" Bolting to her feet, she lifted some in her hand. Then she looked at my arm. "Your—what is this?"

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